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Teleah and Topher celebrated their engagement with us on the cliffs of Horsetooth Reservoir. This mountain lake brings epic views and romantic trails

Mountain Lake Engagement in Colorado

September 29, 2023


Mountain Lake Engagement in Colorado - Britni Girard Photography Fort Collins Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Kyra and Ben’s engagement at Horsetooth in Fort Collins Colorado had the most stunning Golden Hour glow, with warm light and stunning mountain views

Golden Hour Engagement on the Cliffs of Horsetooth

September 15, 2023


Horsetooth Reservoir Engagement in Fort Collins Colorado | Britni Girard Photography - Colorado Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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Sweet Engagement down by the Big Thompson River for Sydney and Gabe with their new puppy. Lots of picnic snuggles and golden hour glow

Sweet Summer Engagement with New Puppy

June 2, 2023


Sydney + Gabe Engagement at Sweet Heart Winery - Britni Girard Photography - Wedding Photography

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This winter engagement session in Estes Park was full of stunning snow-covered scenery and romantic moments for Sarah and Zach.

Frozen Lake Winter Engagement in Estes Park

January 31, 2023


Winter Engagement in Estes Park | Britni Girard Photography

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Katie and Jimmy’s elegant mountain engagement in Fort Collins, with tall tree’s, mountain views and the sun setting behind the reservoir.

Elegant Colorado Mountain Engagement

November 5, 2022


Horsetooth Reservoir | Fort Collins Engagement

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After a Colorado spring blizzard, Lexi and Sam adventured out into the fresh blanket of snow for some romantic sunset engagement photos.

Lexi + Sam | Snowy Sunset Engagement

March 18, 2021


Winter Engagement at Sunset in Loveland Colorado | Britni Girard Photography | Colorado Wedding Photography and Wedding Films

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A mountain winter engagement in the Colorado Rockies. With snowy forests and rustic trails, get ready for laughter and romance during golden hour.

Jenny + Zach

February 10, 2021


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Starting on the docks of Carter Lake, we wondered along the shore and then found ourselves wrapped in the tall pine tree’s above the water. It was sweet and romantic and the perfect place for this water loving couple.

Romantic Lake and Winery Engagement

July 30, 2020


Romantic Winery engagement at Sweet Heart Winery in Loveland | Britni Girard Photography, Colorado Wedding Photographer | Strolls along the Big Thompson River at Sunset, toasting their engagement with Sweet Heart Wine and dancing in the field during sunset

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A romantic engagement at Horsetooth Reservoir is made even more EPIC by an incoming storm. But a little wind didn’t stop these two from snuggling.

Stormy Engagement at Horsetooth Reservoir

July 24, 2020


Romantic and Playful Summer engagement session at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins Colorado | Britni Girard Photographer | Wedding photographer and videographer team

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There are few places on earth as spectacular as Garden of the Gods. And for these two world travelers it was the perfect backdrop to celebrate their upcoming wedding in Colorado Springs.

Grey + Austin

July 8, 2020


Sunset Engagement at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs | Britni Girard Photography | Wedding Photo Video Team | Destination Weddings and Engagements