Lexi + Sam | Snowy Sunset Engagement


March 18, 2021

Freshly fallen snow and warm dreamy sunlight poured down on us during Lexi and Sam’s winter engagement in Loveland, Colorado.

Of all the weekends for these two to fly in from Arizona for wedding planning and an engagement session with us, they happened to pick the weekend of Colorado’s “snowpocalypse.” Dumping 3 feet of snow on most of the front range, the blizzard conditions made it impossible for us to shoot on their scheduled day.

And with only a couple of days in town to make the shoot happen, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Lexi and Sam met at Grand Canyon University. Sam was running for Student Body President along side his best friend Bret. Bret just so happened to be good friends with Lexi and invited her to hand out flyers for their campaign events. The night they won, Sam introduced himself to Lexi and they’ve been best friends ever since.

This past fall the two went on a particularly special date night planned by Sam where the two of them would be taking some photos together in Arizona. After a few photos, the photographer then asked the two of them to stand back-to-back, it was then that Sam kneeled down and as Lexi turned back to see him, he asked her to be his wife. Waiting for the tears to start pouring, Sam was worried when Lexi showed almost no reaction. Worried about her, he asked “How are you feeling? Are you okay?” It wasn’t until the initial shock wore off that Lexi completely broke down sobbing with joy. All that to say, Sam did an excellent job surprising her with the most memorable proposal ever.

As we literally four-wheeled our way through the empty streets of Loveland, we met up with Lexi and Sam at one of my favorite spots for their engagement session. Surrounded by icy ponds, and fields covered in a bed of powdery snow, the calm and beauty that came after the storm made this reschedule totally worth it. Post-holing our way through the fields, the fresh snow was completely untouched and sparkled on the tips of the trees. It was truly like a magical winter wonderland.

Admittedly I always feel silly when Jeremy and I show up in head to toe winter gear and our couples decide to rough it in cute and cozy winter outfits. By the end of our time together, these two were frozen to their core, with hot chocolate waiting for them.

But in other news, we also got to take Jeremy’s new Mavic Pro 2 Drone for a flight and captured some stunning footage. I am SO PROUD of Jeremy for working hard studying for the past month to earn his FAA license. And now we can now officially include drone footage with all of our film collections (where permitted of course).

Lexi and Sam, as you head back to the MUCH warmer climate of Arizona, we are so looking forward to seeing you both again this June for your wedding at Ellis Ranch.


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