Frozen Lake Winter Engagement in Estes Park


January 31, 2023

This snowy and stormy winter day didn’t stop us from having an absolute blast shooting this amazing couple in RMNP! The warmth and love between Sarah and Zach just radiated throughout the session. We love winter engagements, especially with the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park in the background! 

These two plan to marry at Crooked Willow Farm, and we seriously can’t wait! We’re still remembering another BGP dream wedding at the same venue, and are just so in love with everything about it! 

Speaking of love, Sarah and Zach’s love story is too cute for words. We had a blast getting to know them and finding out all the romantic details about how they met, their engagement, and how much they adore each other.

Sarah used to teach kindergarten with Zach’s mom. She also happened to teach at the same school as his sister! Talk about a family connection! One day, Zach saw a picture of Sarah and immediately asked his sister for Sarah’s number.

They went on their first date four years ago and the rest is history! 

Family is so important to this sweet couple. The two went on a trip to Hawaii with Zach’s family. While they were there, they attended a luau where Zach proposed…literally in the ocean! It was such a gorgeous moment and a special memory they will never forget. 

A fun fact about Sarah is that 18 is her family’s lucky number. Because Zach is incredibly thoughtful, he chose July 18th as the day he would ask Sarah to be his wife.  The couple’s love for family is such a special bond they share! 

We asked these two to share exactly what they love most about each other, and their answers are simply beautiful.

Zach told us that, “Sarah is the most selfless person I have ever met. She is always putting others before herself. She is so kind to everyone she meets. No matter the situation, she is always trying to make someone’s day better. She loves being with those she loves the most. Spending quality time with people means so much to her. Things don’t matter to her, but people do. She is always on your side, no matter the circumstances. I know that with her, I will have a best friend for life. I know she will always be in my corner – a real ride or die. She makes life better. She’s supportive, happy-go-lucky and loving. She’s everything you could ask for in a wife.”

Sarah shared that, “Zach is the most thoughtful person I know. He remembers really important details, and this makes me feel so known. He also knows me so well and can tell when I have had a not so great day, and is always there for me. He gives me the best advice, and I trust him so much. He makes me feel so safe and I feel so protected when I am with him. He is loyal, and he thinks of me in all of the big decisions he makes. He makes me laugh, and I love our time listening to music and signing (in the car) together! Zach is very supportive, and I know he always has my back. I miss him when I’m not with him. I crave time with him, and I really feel “home” when I am with him. I can’t wait to see him be a father, I know he will be the best!”

Celebrating this couple is so easy, and we can’t wait for their upcoming wedding day! 

Winter Session Tips

If you’re dreaming of a magical winter engagement session of your own, we have a few tips to make the whole experience one you’ll never forget! 


We suggest wearing your dressier outfit first. As the sun goes down and the temperature plummets, you can put on something super warm and casual for the last part of the shoot! Don’t worry – we’ll hang close to your car so you can warm up and change between shots.


Trust us, layers are your best friend. Guys can wear a long-sleeved shirt under a sweater, or a thermal under a button up. Bring a coat you’d be happy to wear while being photographed. Depending on the weather, we can try different poses with it on and off.

Wearing warm leggings underneath a long dress or skirt is essential. If you’d prefer a short dress, consider wearing some nude tights. Maybe bring along some cozy boots to throw on for the shots where your feet won’t show. 


We love swinging through a coffee shop on the way to an engagement shoot for a warm drink, because it serves two purposes. It’ll keep you warm and also makes a great wintertime prop! Consider bringing a nice thermos to keep your drink in. And don’t forget hand warmers! 

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