HERE'S SOME quick facts about US

Well... this is me! And I am SO HAPPY you're here.  I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself, but I sure do love making people laugh and telling a good story.  I’m in charge of a lot of things... except dishes. I started working professionally in the arts when I was 18 and I still can’t believe I get to call this my career!  I’m one of the lead photographers and primary communicators for Team Girard. And Jeremy's on of the lead cinematographers and the one who makes sure we have all the gear and a coffee for the road!  My strengths are in the creative and communication side of things and I thrive being around people.

SIDENOTE:  If you’ve ever taken an enneagram test, Jeremy is a 7 (the enthusiast) and I am a 3 (the achiever), so you can rest assured we will be organized and ready for a good time. Jeremy and I have always believed in employing our passions and pursing our dreams, while encouraging others to do the same.

Fun-loving wedding and portrait photographer, mom to three hilarious kiddos, performer, believer and wife to the most amazing man...  (Jeremy... the best part of this adventure)

Hi.  I'm Britni

+ First off, we are a husband and wife photography and cinematography team... AND WE LOVE IT.  We've been married for 15 years and together for 17.

+ Our family began with our crazy dog Baxter and grew to a loving family of 5, as our 3 kiddos joined the crew. #GirardCrew5

+ We collect photo-booth strips from every vacation we go on.

+ We are MAJOR foodies and love experiencing new restaurants and dives. Pairing a glass of wine with the perfect bite is like heaven and we can frequently be found attending a delicious farm-to-table meal alfresco.

+ We love to travel and do our best to “blend in” to get a taste of the local life. But I’m pretty sure we stand out like a sore thumb.

+ My background is in the performing arts and Jeremy's is in Music Ministry.

quick facts about us

First thing you should know... I LOVE LISTS.
In fact I have lists for my lists.
I could not survive without lists.
Also... I love lamp. (Anchorman reference).

I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite things (in list form) and hope I get the opportunity to find out some of yours.  Cause... gifts are kind of my love language.

my favorite things

These are a few of

I know, I know... it's not exactly a unique fact.  But it's important to start out sharing something we can both relate to.  Not into coffee?  All good. I just love sharing how Jeremy and I's love began. 

It was over coffee. You see my hubby worked at Starbucks before we were dating and every day he would bring me my fav coffee and a pumpkin loaf.  Gifts and quality time are my love languages, so obviously he won over my heart.  Food always brings people together. 

is everything


Deep conversations with friends, belly laughs and community all happen around the table.  We are foodies to a fault and love to have friends over to our home. 

I LOVE to cook, which is great because we believe the best relationships are built during a meal.  That's probably why we love to meet with our couples over drinks and appetizers.  We can break down walls and get to know one another in a real way.

the table

Time around

I've always been a bit of a romantic.  Timeless designs, nostalgic heirlooms and farmhouse charm are woven throughout our home.  There's something so comforting about a space that reflects a simpler time.  Old things new, rustic charm, clean and bright.  And I may or may not be obsessed with Magnolia and Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines... take my money.  

modern + rustic

my PERSONAL style

Call me a classy broad, but I love a glass of wine while sitting on the patio with friends.  But if I had to pick my favorite "happy hour" drink, it would be an old fashioned.  I love the aromatics of orange as you take your first sip.  Jeremy and I love going to local wineries and distilleries with friends for meaningful conversations and TONS of laughs.

happy hour drink

my go to

So I haven't always been a professional photographer.  But I have ALWAYS been involved in the arts.  I started off as a dancer, then went on to performing as a singer in a touring group for most of my youth.  After graduating high school, I started a theater company called Up In Lights.  It was so much fun and it was there that I had the opportunity to produce full scale musicals and work as the Artistic Director & Choreographer.  During all of that, I found a great need for strong marketing photos I could use to promote the shows.  So I started learning how to take headshots and then dance and production photos.  I think the beauty of being an artist, is you're always looking for new ways to create.


HOW i became a

There's really nothing that compares to a fall in Colorado.  It's not too hot, not too cold.  We wear layers upon layers of clothes...  cause it's Colorado and can be 72 degrees one minute and 34 the next.  The colors on the trees are perfection.  I also love this time of year because it's the beginning of a season filled with family time and traditions.  We celebrate our favorite holiday "Friendsgiving" at our home and go on adventures in pumpkin patches and hikes in the mountains every year.

is fall

my favorite season

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL so asking our favorite place to visit is like picking our favorite child.  We love experiencing new places, new cultures and new cuisine.  But some of our most memorable places are Kauai and Vermont.

BONUS FACT:  When we travel, Jeremy and I love to collect film strips as a memento.  I think it's a mix of making loads of funny faces and having someone else hold the "camera."

place to visit

my favorite

It can bring me to tears and give me all the feels.  There's something magical about a Broadway show or Live Theater Production that transcends time.  I performed professionally on stage for many years and hold a special place in my heart for Musical Theater.  We love date nights at dinner theaters.

night out


It's not uncommon for everyone in our family to be having a dance party in the kitchen.  In fact it's actually strange to not have music going and our kids busting out sweet dance moves on the living room furniture.  Dance and Music are life!

BONUS FACT:  Jeremy is a musician, so always seem to have a guitar and piano within arms reach.  He's been a professional musician and artist for as long as I've known him.  And man can he croon!  

past time

my favorite

I'm not gonna lie... I love practical jokes.  And my favorite person to pull them on is Jeremy.  From elaborate April Fools pranks, to daily silliness, we make each other laugh till we're crying daily.  There's no better way to live.

And I realize it's not a prank... but I LOVE behind the scenes photos and videos.  Catching Jeremy just being his amazingly hilarious self is my favorite.  Honestly the number of photos I have of him laying in the bushes to "get the shot" is worthy of a coffee table book.  (Hmm... Christmas gift idea)

thing is to laugh

my favorite

Jeremy and I met in Junior High on the youth worship team at our home church.  I didn't remember him super well, but Jeremy certainly remembered me when we found ourselves years later working on the church's Christmas Production.  He was the Worship Intern and I was the productions director.  We casually flirted back and forth, him bringing me my favorite coffee from Starbucks scored him major points.

How We Met

The best way to know someone is to know what they love. And not just what they love, but why they love it.  

Learn About our First Date

Chapter One:

During the Christmas Production one night, Jeremy approached me and said "a group of us are going out to dinner if you want to come"?  I said sure and to my surprise, there was Jeremy all by himself at a table.  Apparently, no one else came (because no on else was invited).  We had a great conversation and I remember him asking for my number.  Then seconds after leaving getting a call... and it's Jeremy laughing hysterically.  He just wanted to make sure the number I gave him was real.  
Then one night I asked Jeremy if he'd like to join me at a local dinner theater to see a musical (I didn't tell him it was Cats).  He came, we went and it was in my opinion our first date.  The real question is... did Jeremy's night out with a group even count as a first date?  You decide.

Our First Date

This will FOREVER be up for debate... on who asked who

Learn About our Proposal

Chapter TWO:

We'd been dating for one year and I got an "early" Birthday gift.  It was a letter telling me he was taking me on a trip for my Birthday.  And it wasn't until we were at the airport, that the location was revealed... he was taking me to Australia.  WHAT?  He had gone to school at Hillsong and was anxious to take me there too.  So once we arrived we went for a hike in the Blue Mountains to see the waterfalls.  It was on the hike I could see a HUGE box in his cargo pocket and knew the moment was coming.  I was all nerves, would I cry?  How would I respond?  But it was when he got down on one knee that my heart stopped and I realized I got to be his for the rest of my life and said YES!

Our Proposal

"Hey, pack your bags.  I can't tell you where you're going, but you're going to need your passport."

Learn About our wedding

Chapter THREE:

Jeremy and I were married in 2006 at the Buell Theater's, Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom.
We had looked endlessly at venues that could affordably handle over 300 guests and just kept coming back to this.  It was absolutely the perfect place for our creatively theatrical hearts.  The guests were seated at tables for the ceremony, which transitioned seamlessly into a cocktail hour at sunset and right into our reception.   My most memorable moments are walking down the aisle (both of us in tears), the joining prayer our Pastor prayed over us, and the AMAZING photos we had done by our good friend Steve Stanton Photography.  Look him up... he's ridiculous. 
And I mean... we got our names on the marquee.  Which in and of itself is pretty cool.

Our Wedding

"From Here to Eternity"

Learn About our CREW

Chapter four:

#GirardCrew5 as we lovingly hashtag ourselves!
These are my people, my nuggets and my whole heart.

Asher is our oldest boy, tender hearted and so creative.
Landon is our middle boy and is just like his dad in every way.
Aria is our little girl.  And no we didn't name her after Game of Thrones.  We're musical people and the name was picked way before GOT became a show.  But she is absolutely a wildflower and the perfect exclamation point to our family.



Jeremy makes life so incredibly fun! Since we got married in 2006, we’ve always worked together in various capacities. Be it producing musical theater productions, leading worship at church or singing telegrams to people in our community, we’ve always loved doing life together. Jeremy is currently on staff as the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at our home church. We love our rare days at home, but on the days that we’re on the road, Jeremy and I enjoy a great Podcast or singing our faces off to 90’s hits. Jeremy is such a go-to guy on the wedding day. Besides being an incredible photographer, he’s also the primary videographer and always there to help move heavy things, check our gear and make my life easier!!