Golden Hour Engagement in Boulder Colorado


January 11, 2024

We know what you’re thinking. Is this an editorial shoot for a perfume ad!? Nope, it’s just another gorgeous BGP couple we had the honor of photographing! Lauren and Logan’s engagement shoot at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado featured sweeping mountain views and a whole lot of romance!  

We started out on top of the Flatirons at Lost Gulch overlooking all of Boulder. Surrounded by tall, grassy fields and whimsical wildflowers, this photoshoot was an absolute dream! Lauren’s flowing white dress made the images all the more stunning. And as an added bonus: we laughed the entire time we were together! 

Lauren and Logan love exploring in the mountains together. One of their favorite dates was spent just driving with the windows down, jamming out to throwbacks while looking at the gorgeous fall leaves on the aspen trees. They wrapped up the day with a stop at Louis’ Sweet Shop in Empire and indulged in delicious Oreo milkshakes. 

Lauren had a suspicion that they would get engaged in the mountains because of the sweet memories they’ve made there. However, when they went on their annual leaf-looking drive and Logan didn’t propose, she couldn’t help but shed some tears on the way home. Logan simply knew she was expecting it, and he wanted her to be surprised! 

The following weekend they drove up to Kenosha Pass, but unfortunately it was a bit late in the season and the leaves had all fallen. Switching gears, the two went off-roading on the trails instead of leaf-looking. Logan played it cool even though his plans to propose unraveled before his eyes! At one point, he pulled over on one of the trails to get some pictures of his car (total guy move!) Lauren got the camera set up, and when she turned around, Logan was down on one knee! Mission accomplished 🙂 

As always, we asked this sweet couple to share what they love about each other. (This is seriously our favorite part!)

Logan said, “(I love) absolutely how big her heart is, always trying to give to others (and) easily the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my entire life. No matter what she does she’s always at 110% (with) work, workouts, projects around the house, absolutely everything she does. She is kind, soft, loving, caring, beautiful, and never lets anything or anyone stop her from whatever she puts her mind to. (She) knows exactly what she wants. Excuse the language but she’s just an all around badass.”

Lauren told us, “I have so many things I love about him and narrowing it down is hard. But by far I think I love how genuine, kind, loving and calming he is. His ability to be patient with me through so many ups and downs and his compassion for others is truly incredible. I love that when he has his mind set on something he doesn’t stop working his hardest to earn it. No matter how hard he may come off he has the warmest and biggest heart. I also love how much he has taught me, and I can’t wait to learn more from him. He is THE hardest worker in all aspects of life- I have so much respect for him and what he would do for those that he cares for.”

We absolutely loved getting to know these two! We can’t wait for their wedding next year at Flying Horse Ranch! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!

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