Mountain Lake Engagement in Colorado


September 29, 2023

Teleah and Topher’s mountain lake engagement was such a full circle moment for us! We love making new memories with people we’ve known for so many years. The day was absolutely stunning, and spending time with Teleah and Topher was an absolute blast.

Fun Fact: Jeremy and I once owned a theater company called Up In Lights Productions. Teleah was one of our talented performers, and we absolutely adore her! She has always been a beautiful dancer and has the sweetest personality. We love getting to continue sharing important milestones with our UIL students years later.

This adorable couple just exudes love! They share a passion for travel, with their favorite memories stemming from their adventures together. They’re equally smitten with their fur babies, love to sing together, and think eating out is one of the best things ever. One of their favorite dates was a simple “paint and sip” night at home, complete with a brand new bottle of wine and fresh art supplies. Seriously, what’s not to love about these two!? 

Teleah and Topher share quite a height difference, and we think it just makes them even cuter 🙂 However, from a photographer’s perspective, it can present some challenges when using traditional poses. Here are a few tips to help make it work:

1. Embrace Seated Poses

When you opt for seated posing options, it helps eliminate height-related challenges and instantly creates a more romantic, intimate atmosphere. Consider having your couple snuggling in each other’s laps, kneeling and facing each other, or wrapping their arms around each other from behind. 

2. Use Your Environment

The great outdoors is filled with so many built-in props! Use them to your advantage! For example, if you’re shooting on a hillside, use the incline to adjust for that height difference. Positioning the shorter person up higher helps to close the gap between their faces. This creates the perfect opportunity for them to gaze into each other’s eyes! 

3. Break Out the Prom Pose

Remember those “professional” portraits taken at school dances? Well, the prom pose actually works great for couples who have a significant height difference! Have the taller person stand with their feet slightly wider, facing each other. You could even shoot from the waist up, bringing their faces closer together. 

We loved shooting from so many different angles to capture Teleah and Topher, focusing on the overflow of affection they had for each other. We are counting down the days until their wedding next spring at Boulder Creek! Stay tuned for more details about their beautiful love story!

Are you looking for a romantic engagement session to tell your love story or capture your proposal? We would love to help! Our engagement sessions are complimentary with all our Wedding Collection Bookings!

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