Rocky Mountain Engagement Near Estes Park


January 11, 2024

Hey, friends! We’re buzzing with excitement today because we’re sharing a glimpse into the beautiful fall engagement session of Jess and Parker near Estes Park, Colorado. As wedding photographers, we always stress the importance of engagement sessions in our Britni Girard Photography (BGP) wedding experience. And let me tell you, Jess and Parker’s session was a perfect example of why we adore these moments!

Why Engagement Sessions Are a Big Deal at BGP

Let’s chat about the magic of engagement sessions. They’re not just about snapping pretty pictures (though we do plenty of that!). They’re about breaking down walls, building trust, and, most importantly, having a blast. We believe in turning awkward “first date” vibes into “hanging out with good friends” energy. And that’s exactly what we did with Jess and Parker, learning about their love languages and how they just click together.

The Proposal: A Dillon Getaway Turned Fairy Tale

Jess and Parker’s engagement story is straight out of a romance novel. Imagine this: a serene setting in Dillon, CO, celebrating their anniversary. They were strolling around Sapphire Point, and just when Jess least expected it, Parker went down on one knee! And guess what? Jess’s best friend was there, hidden and ready to capture the moment. Talk about a well-planned surprise!

Their Favorite Date: An Arkansas Adventure

When we asked Jess and Parker about their favorite date, their answer had me wishing for a getaway with Jeremy, as they recounted a special weekend in Arkansas. Parker had planned everything to the T – from paddleboarding to a fancy dinner at Preacher’s Son, an old church turned into a culinary haven. It’s the little adventures like these that make their relationship so unique and beautiful.

What They Love About Each Other

Now, get ready to swoon! Parker admires Jess for her dependability, loving nature, and adventurous spirit. He finds strength in her perseverance and feels she pushes him to be a better man. Jess, on her part, adores Parker for his passion, kindness, and hardworking attitude. She loves his commitment to faith, family, and the joy he finds in life’s little things.

The Big Day: A June Wedding at The Covey

Fast forward to this June, and these two lovebirds will be tying the knot at The Covey in Fort Collins, Colorado. A rustic barn with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. We can’t wait to capture their big day, knowing it’s going to be as unique and heartwarming as their journey together.

The BGP Touch

Engagement sessions like Jess and Parker’s are the heart and soul of what we do at BGP. They allow us to connect, understand, and ultimately capture the essence of our couples’ love stories. And as we prep for their big day at The Covey, we’re not just their photographers; we’re friends walking into a celebration of love.

So, here’s to Jess and Parker – may your journey be as adventurous and love-filled as your engagement. And to all our readers, remember, every love story is unique, and capturing its essence before the big day is what makes the journey unforgettable.

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