Elegant Colorado Mountain Engagement


November 5, 2022

Stunning mountain views and a beautiful couple made this engagement shoot so special! We love every minute we get to spend in person with our BGP couples, and our engagement sessions provide the perfect opportunity to do just that! 

It’s so much fun building friendships and laughing with our couples when we can finally meet them outside of zoom calls and emails! 

We met up with Katie and Jimmy just outside of Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins for an elegant mountain engagement shoot. From the very beginning, we felt such a connection to this awesome couple. 

These two are just the cutest, and we had a blast getting to know them and the details about their sweet relationship. 

Katie and Jimmy began dating over six years ago after meeting in college. They recently took their relationship to the next level by adopting an adorable labradoodle puppy – their absolute pride and joy! But they both agree that the day they got engaged was the best day of their lives (so far, at least!)

On July 6, 2022, the couple found themselves in McCall, ID. Katie’s family has a cabin in McCall, and it has always been such a special place for her. Little did she know that it would soon become extra special for a very different reason! 

Months earlier, Jimmy began quietly working behind the scenes. He flew out to Idaho to ask Katie’s parents for her hand in marriage. I mean, does it get any more romantic than that?!

Katie and Jimmy had plans to spend the 4th of July weekend in Idaho, just as they do every year. This was the perfect chance to pull off the proposal without Katie becoming the least bit suspicious! So on July 6th, Jimmy, Katie, and her parents decided to get happy hour drinks at an upscale hotel and bar in McCall called Shore Lodge

After drinks, Jimmy casually asked Katie if she wanted to go down to the dock to look out over the lake. As they stood there together, Jimmy pulled off the surprise of a lifetime as he turned to Katie and proposed! 

Jimmy’s a planner, so he already had roses and champagne waiting, as well as a hidden photographer who captured the entire event! It was such an intimate moment for the couple and they’d give anything to be able to bottle up the pure joy they felt that day.

They continued the celebration with Katie’s parents over a wonderful dinner at the hotel restaurant. McCall, Idaho certainly has a special place in their hearts! 

It’s no secret we love all the juicy details of a good love story. So we asked the couple to describe exactly what they love most about each other. You might want to grab a tissue…

“Katie is the love of my life, the stabilizer in life’s chaos, and the backbone in our young family. She cares for others – I mean DEEPLY cares. I learn from her daily. Her organization in all things is impeccable. Her commitment to her family is second to none, and her ability to make me happy never seems to end. I can’t wait to be her husband and do life together!”

“What do I not love about (Jimmy)?! If I had to pick just a few of my favorite things, it would be that Jimmy is the most loyal, loving, selfless man I know. He always puts others’ needs before his own. He is very caring and compassionate to his family and friends. Jimmy is also a very hard worker and is always trying to better himself. He is my safe place, calms my fears, and is my very best friend.”

Finally, we just had to know all about one of their favorite dates. They didn‘t even hesitate on this one:

“One of our favorite dates was actually one of our very first dates! It was our senior year of college. Shortly after we started dating, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic together. He picked me up at my apartment and took me to a local park in Boulder, CO. Jimmy is the sweetest and brought a blanket and a picnic basket filled with all sorts of cheeses, meats, fruits, and wine. It was such a fun, intimate date and something we both look back on fondly!”

We simply can’t wait for these two to tie the knot and start their new life together! Katie and Jimmy, we have loved getting to know you and it will be an absolute joy to celebrate your wedding next year at Highlands Ranch Mansion

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