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Rustic Fall Wedding at Rist Canyon Inn in LaPorte, Colorado | Britni Girard Photography

Stephanie + Austin

October 9, 2019


Rustic Fall Wedding at Rist Canyon Inn in LaPorte, Colorado | Britni Girard Photography

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Will you have this dance forever? ¬†When a country boy meets the love of his life on the dance floor, it’s a fairytale from the start. After getting to re-create this sweet moment during their engagement session at the Grizzly Rose. We couldn’t wait to celebrate their I do’s under the country sky. A gorgeous […]

Tiffany + Anthony

August 3, 2019


ustic Country Glam Wedding during Summer in Northern Colorado with first look and a romantic country dance | Britni Girard Photography - Greeley, Colorado

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This romantic wedding at Wedgewood Brittany Hill for two crazy in love musicians featured a HUGE dance party, band, gorgeous flowers and whiskey ceremony.

Britt + Ian

July 29, 2019


Modern Romantic wedding at Wedgwood Weddings Brittany Hill in Denver Colorado | Britni Girard Photography | Whiskey unity ceremony and live band The Burroughs are highlights of this musician couples wedding | Dragonfly Floral Company

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This rustic mountain wedding was full of BIG surprises for not only the bride and groom, but also for the guests. From the romantic morning ceremony to the sprinkles of rain that gave everyone a bit of a scare. Amber and Zack got everything they ever wanted, surrounded by their friends and family.

Amber + Zack

May 21, 2019


Rustic Rocky Mountain Wedding in Loveland Colorado | Britni Girard Photography | Romantic Morning Brunch Wedding with big surprises for guests | Rain and Shine

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Mandy and Nick are the perfect examples of two people finding their forever through the day and age of online dating. Connecting through, these two conquered dating across the country, buying their first home and even adding an addition to the family when they adopted Orvil, a Star-Pei/Bull Mastiff. These two were more than […]

Mandy + Nick

November 2, 2018


Mandy + Nick Wedding at Dunafon Castle | Britni Girard Photography - Colorado Wedding and Lifestyle Photography - Flowers by Stems A Flower Shop, Dress by Maggie Sottero

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This playfully, romantic summer wedding was lavish with feel-good moments from beginning to end. Surrounded by their family and friends, they shared their vows under an beautiful arch at Glenmere Park, followed by dinner and dancing at The Armory.

Dagny + Ben

September 5, 2018


Summer Wedding in Greeley at Glenmere Park and The Armory | Britni Girard Photography - Wedding Photographer