Fall Wedding at Cheley Lodge Estes Park


October 4, 2023

Fall colors in the Colorado mountains are nothing short of breathtaking. Lauren and Chase’s stunning Estes Park wedding was set against a gorgeous backdrop of vibrant gold leaves and majestic mountain views. 

I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement: This might have been one of the most perfect wedding days we’ve had the honor of being a part of. Lauren’s planning skills are exceptional, and it was evident from the start! She put so much love and care into every detail of the wedding, and very little was left to chance.

Sentimental Touches

As the day began, it was heartwarming to witness Lauren truly embrace each and every moment. All her hard work allowed her to let go of the details and just be present, soaking up the day! 

While the groom got ready, we were honored to spend a bit of time with him, along with his friends and family. In a touching nod to Chase’s grandfather, they raised a glass of whiskey (his grandfather’s drink of choice) to carry on the family tradition. Additionally, the groom wore his grandfather’s cufflinks as a way to pay tribute to that strong family bond. 

The first look between Lauren and Chase was simply magical! Standing under a canopy of golden aspen trees, they spent a quiet moment together and exchanged private vows. We all fought back tears as Lauren told Chase that her only regret was that she wasn’t able to begin a life with him sooner. Shortly after, their two ornery dogs joined them for some family portraits, and my heart seriously melted!

Being surrounded by stunning aspens was so fitting, because Lauren’s dad gifted the couple their own aspen trees! They were used as a backdrop for their sweetheart table during the reception, but eventually they’ll find their forever home in their yard.

Cherishing Family

Family means the world to this sweet couple, and it was evident in every moment. Lauren’s mom passed away many years ago. However, her presence was felt throughout the entire day in so many ways. She honored her mom with a small charm on her bouquet, and memories were shared from so many people who knew her. 

In fact, one of my favorite moments happened during the reception. I noticed a woman dancing with her husband, tears streaming down her face, as the song “I Hope You Dance” played in the background. Shortly after, she walked over to Lauren and her siblings to let them know that it was their mom’s favorite song. They had no idea, and it was just the sweetest comfort as they truly felt that tender connection to their beloved mom.

You know what gets me every time? Watching couples dance with their parents during the reception! Obviously we were overcome with emotion as the bride and her father swayed on the dance floor. It was a breathtaking moment to just watch him rock his baby girl to the music.

In a fun twist, the groom and his mom surprised everyone with an upbeat choreographed dance that had us grinning from ear to ear! 

A Sweet Celebration

We can’t miss an opportunity to talk about the cake! Maybe it’s just us, but Jeremy and I have strong feelings about ice cream cake. It is, without a doubt, the superior choice. Imagine our excitement when Lauren and Chase told us they would be having an ice cream cake. And the cherry on top? It was provided by none other than Dairy Queen! Needless to say, all the kids (and kids at heart) were overcome with joy! 

The DJ did an incredible job of keeping the dance floor full. The bride and groom handpicked each song from a collection of favorites. We’re talking Neil Diamond classics for the groom, and some Backstreet Boys for the bride. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

I was so excited to hear that the bride and some of her closest friends met at CU Boulder. As a CU alum myself, it was extra fun to have that shared experience! I particularly enjoyed hearing the fight song blasting through the speakers! 

What an honor it was to experience this special day with such a sweet couple. Lauren and Chase, we wish you an amazing life together filled with love and happiness!

VENUE | The Cheley Lodge + Grove
PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography
PLANNER | The Perfect Touch
CATERER | Jubilations Catering
FLORIST | Floral Design of Europe
HAIR | Bella Capelli
MAKEUP | Beth Berggren
DJ | Denver Lighting and DJ
DRESS | The Bridal Collection
SUITS | Men’s Wearhouse
BEVERAGES | Party Liquor
STATIONARY | Lauren Chase
CAKE | Dairy Queen
JEWELER | The Jewelry Exchange & Northern Royal


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