Family Farm Wedding Outside Steamboat Springs


September 18, 2023

Bethany and Ryan’s wedding near Steamboat Springs was a beautiful celebration that fully embraced family and tradition. With nostalgia woven throughout every detail, it was a truly remarkable display of love and commitment.

The day began with the bride and groom getting ready at a nearby Airbnb. They each settled into their own separate space and spent some time reading private letters written to one another. It was the most tender moment, and truly helped set the tone for the entire day. 

As the bride got dressed, she incorporated a variety of heirlooms passed down from her great grandmother. From a lovely vanity set to her delicate brush and mirror, the abundance of sentimental touches was so heartwarming! 

In addition, Bethany wore the opal that Ryan presented to her when he proposed. This was the same stone set in the promise ring her dad gave her mom when they started dating. It was undoubtedly a beautiful full-circle moment! 

Our own BGP photo and video team traveled to Bethany and Ryan’s secluded venue. Many of their guests flew in for this gorgeous mountain destination wedding. For example, the bride’s sister even made the journey all the way from Germany! 

The ceremony took place on the grounds of the bride’s grandfather’s farm, surrounded by huge cottonwood trees and stunning views of Eagle Rock. This location holds a special significance for Bethany, because it was the place she and her cousins grew up. This very site has seen generations of other family members exchange vows over the years! It was a sentimental nod to so many treasured family memories. 

The couple exchanged vows in a freshly mown hay meadow, and the wedding concluded with the bride and groom holding a unity ceremony where they built their very own letter box. The tented reception exuded fun and laughter as the newlyweds made a grand entrance on their Razor! They walked right into their first dance smiling and laughing, which we think is the perfect way to begin their married life together.

The nostalgia seamlessly flowed into the reception, with the mother of the bride’s custom monogram adorning so many elements of the space. Even the meal was a labor of love, generously provided by family and friends. 

Because Bethany and Ryan truly cherish family memories, their choice of Sola Wood flowers served as a perfect way to preserve a sweet memento of their special day. 

The evening ended in a shower of bubbles as the two celebrated the creation of new memories with their adoring family. Our BGP team absolutely loved sharing every moment with Bethany and Ryan. It was truly a day filled with romance, nostalgia, and lots of love!

VENUE | Nielsen Ranch
PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography
FLOWERS | Sola Wood Flowers
DRESS | Brilliant Bridal
RINGS | Shane Co.


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