Cassidy + Andrew | Adventurous Mountain Engagement


May 4, 2021

When your adventure takes you from one elevation to another, you’re certain to see two totally different landscapes of Colorado. For Cassidy and Andrew’s engagement we got to take in all of that Rocky Mountain beauty, from frozen alpine lakes to tall grassy fields along the river.

Yes. Late spring engagement sessions in Colorado CAN still have snow. You just gotta climb to find it. And as we wondered around the frozen alpine lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, we found a favorite spot out on the ice.

In fact, every time we would wonder off to find another incredible location, something kept drawing us back to the majestic mountains that surrounded Bear Lake.

Did we just become best friends? As Andrew and Jeremy fan-girled over their favorite music, Cassidy and I giggled over their newfound bromance, and to my surprise I also got to connect with a fellow dancer. I know what you’re thinking, but I have to break it to you, it’s not Andrew.

Cassidy has actually danced most of her life and honestly, you can just tell sometimes on a photoshoot when someone has formal dance training. There’s a perfect bevel in their stance and an effortless elegance to everything they do. Things we may have never known about our BG Couples always comes out during an engagement session. It’s honestly like a first date. HA HA!

Sure, we could take engagement photos somewhere beautiful and close-by to our homes, but it’s not till you escape to the wilderness or go on an adventurous date night together that you really get to break the ice. (no pun intended). It’s kind of the secret sauce to our BGP Wedding Experience.

After some time playing in the snow, we journeyed down the mountain to lower terrain and found a completely different vibe. There was something poetic in seeing the new growth of spring alongside the burn scar of last year’s wild fires.

It reminded me of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs right now,

“Cause the God of the mountain, is the God of the valley. And there’s not a place, your mercy and grace won’t find me again. You turn mourning to dancing. You give beauty for ashes. You turn shame into glory. You’re the only one who can. You turn graves into gardens.” Graves Into Gardens by Brandon Lake | Elevation Worship

It was so inspiring to work with Cassidy and Andrew and they honestly made our job so easy. Their wedding day at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood in Denver is going to be spectacular. Did I mention how much I love this shade of green on her? (also one of their wedding colors). Hurry up November… I can’t wait to spend time with these two again.

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