Travis & Emily’s Spring Wedding at The Boulders


April 10, 2024

Oh, where to begin with Emily and Travis‘ wedding day saga? Picture this: a destination wedding set against the majestic backdrop of The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park, Colorado. 

The scene? Absolutely cinematic, with guests arriving from all corners, eager to soak in Colorado’s splendor, only to be greeted by a wedding day unlike any other.

Imagine the week leading up to the wedding, blessed with nothing but Colorado’s finest sunshine, setting everyone’s spirits high. But, as fate would have it, the big day itself was met with a storm so sudden, it was as if the weather gods wanted to add their own dramatic twist. 

The wind howled like the chorus of a grand opera, gusting at nearly 100 MPH. Yet, the celebration remained undisturbed, cocooned within the sanctuary of The Boulders, where floor-to-ceiling glass doors offered a front-row seat to nature’s spectacle.

The morning of, Emily and her entourage found solace atop The Hyler Mountain Lodge within Windcliff Estates, a place where luxury meets nature.  There, amidst a blizzard’s embrace, Glam5280 worked their magic, transforming each bridesmaid into a vision of elegance.  And the bride’s makeup by her best friend and professional makeup artist, Ashley.

Down the mountain, Travis and his guys are battling winds strong enough to rival a superhero movie, making us wonder if they should’ve added capes to their wedding attire.

Amidst this whirlwind, moments of warmth and intimacy flourished. Emily, completely took our breath away in her Couture Bride Gown with custom sleeves and glamorous details.  Giving her bridesmaids in Champagne Revelry dresses the first peek… Their reaction? Priceless, complete with “oohs, aahs” and tears.

Mother Nature’s tantrum meant ditching the great outdoors for portraits, pushing us to get creative inside. The Boulders’ interiors became our canvas, turning what could have been a bummer into a blessing in disguise. Who knew a bar could double as a chic photo op? Mental note made for future reference.

Massive thanks to Caley from Fanciful Weddings and the team at The Boulders for their seamless orchestration of the day, making every unplanned turn feel like it was meant to be.

The ceremony itself was a heart-stirring affair, with Casey Marie’s melodies setting the tone for Emily and Travis to exchange vows that were nothing short of soul-baring. The unity ceremony, where roses were exchanged with their parents, symbolized not just the union of two hearts but of two families.  It was a beautiful and meaningful moment to experience.

Post-vows, our brave couple decided to face the gale for those dreamy Colorado portraits. Emily’s veil miraculously stayed on, defying physics and adding a touch of magic to the already spectacular scenery.

The reception that followed was a blend of sweet, hilarious, and heartwarming episodes—from cake smashing antics to a meticulously choreographed dance that had everyone in awe.  Keeping guests entertained through cocktail hour and dinner was the talented Ryan Hutchens on guitar.

The Boulders outdid themselves with a feast to remember, setting the stage for an evening filled with laughter, dance, and music, masterfully orchestrated by Nate from Diamond DJ’s.

Reflecting on Emily and Travis’s wedding, it wasn’t just an event; it was an adventure—one that we were thrilled to document as a Colorado Wedding Photography and Videography team.  

While this wedding started as a destination wedding from Las Vegas and beyond, Emily and Travis now begin the next chapter as residents of this amazing state.  YAY!!! 

Being a part of our couple’s journey as storytellers is such a privilege and as the next adventure begins, we’re here cheering you on, camera in hand, ready to capture whatever comes next. 

Congrats and cheers to new beginnings!

VENUE | The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

PLANNER |  Fanciful Weddings

CATERER |  The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn

FLORIST | Fanciful Weddings

MAKEUP | Ashley Freeman and Glam5280

HAIR | Glam 5280

LIVE MUSIC | Casey Kleeman and Ryan Hutchens

DJ | Diamond DJs

DRESS | Couture Bridel Las Vegas


SUITS | Mens Wearhouse


CAKE | Colorado Rose


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