Spring Wedding at Boulder Creek Wedgewood


May 3, 2024

Teleah and Topher’s wedding day at Boulder Creek by Wedgewood was nothing short of a romantic saga set against the backdrop of a Colorado spring shower. You know how unpredictable Colorado weather can be in April, right? Well, it decided to throw us a curveball with non-stop rain. But honestly, it just made the day more memorable.

From the moment the day began, excitement was in the air, despite the persistent rain. Teleah was a vision in her Justin Alexander bridal gown, her look completed by beautiful shoes adorned with her signature bows—a nod to a style she’s rocked since I’ve known her. When it came time to exchange her veil for a sparkly bow post-ceremony, it was as if the accessory had been designed just for her.

The morning buzzed with emotion, notably during a tear-jerking bridesmaid first look and the heartfelt exchange of private letters between Teleah and Topher. The groom’s reaction? Utterly floored—literally—as he fell to his knees upon seeing his bride for the first time that day. Their private moments shared in the cozy enclave of the hotel lobby were punctuated by the rain’s rhythmic patter outside.

Despite the drizzle turning into a full-on downpour at times, we stuck with the plan to have the ceremony outside. Right after the team at Boulder Creek did a ninja-style setup, drying chairs and all, everyone armed with umbrellas and towels. The ceremony was a picturesque scene of resilience and beauty, enhanced by the fresh, earthy scent of rain-soaked pine.

Teleah, escorted by her tearful father, walked down the aisle to a Topher visibly moved by the sight of his approaching bride. The ceremony included a modern touch where guests were invited to snap photos before being asked to stow away their devices and immerse fully in the moment—an invitation to be truly present for vows that Topher had been crafting since his proposal day.

We had to play a bit of hide and seek with the rain for the family portraits—dashing outside when it eased up and sneaking back in when it started again. But it was worth it; the light after rain? Unbeatable.

As the evening unfolded, guests were treated to specialty cocktails named after the bride and groom during a cozy cocktail hour. The reception space was transformed into a romantic spring garden, alive with pastel florals and delicate hand-painted details by the bride herself—a testament to Teleah’s artistic touch.

Their day culminated under a canopy of ribbons and twinkly lights, a scene that felt like stepping into a fairy tale. It was a perfect, magical end to a day that proved even spring showers could not dampen the spirits of those determined to celebrate love.

It was a day that really showed how perfect they are for each other, rain and all.  As a Colorado Wedding Photographer, we find ourselves in crazy unexpected weather situations like this a lot.  And we’re so grateful that our BGP Couples trust us to pivot throughout the day, all while knowing what matters most to them.

Teleah and Topher, thank you SO MUCH for trusting us and allowing us to lead you through the day.  We had so much fun with you, your friends and family and wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful adventure called marriage.  Enjoy reliving your PERFECT wedding day!

VENUE | Boulder Creed by Wedgewood Weddings

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography  and Films

CATERER | Boulder Creek

FLORIST | Bitter Roots Studio


DJ | DJ Maestro

DRESS | The Bridal Collection by Justin Alexander

BRIDESMAIDS | Kennedy Blue

SUITS | Mens WearhouseCAKE | Button Rock Bakery


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