Winter Engagement at Bear Lake During Golden Hour


December 15, 2023

Emily and Travis, a couple as stunning on the inside as they are on the outside, recently graced us with the chance to capture their love story amidst the snowy landscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park at Bear Lake. Their connection? Simply magical, and we’re here to spill all the dreamy details!

A Snow-Kissed Backdrop at Bear Lake

Bear Lake, blanketed in snow, offered the most breathtaking scenery for Emily and Travis’s engagement session. Although the lake hadn’t frozen enough for us to venture out, we discovered incredible spots along the trails and rocks in the middle of the lake. Talk about epic views!

Shooting in Winter Wonderland: Tips for Photographers

Because shooting in winter, especially in the Rockies, has its quirks. Here are a few tips for fellow photographers:

  1. Early Sunset, Early Start: In Bear Lake, the sun bids adieu sooner. Start early to catch that golden light! The sun can set behind the peaks almost an hour before the posted “sunset time.”
  2. Stay Warm, Stay Stylish: Advise your couples on cozy yet chic outfits. It’s all about balancing comfort and style. But we also recommend bringing hand warmers.
  3. Embrace the Elements: Snow adds a romantic touch. Use it to create a fairytale-like setting. But watch out for that extra light that bounces off the snow.

From Vegas to the Mountains: Emily and Travis’s Journey

Our charming couple, visiting from the buzz of Las Vegas, are planning a spring wedding in Estes Park. The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn will witness their simple yet elegant mountain wedding, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

These two share a deep love for the mountains and adventure. One of their most cherished dates? A 20-mile hike in Glacier National Park, Montana. Picture this: breathtaking views, homemade sandwiches, and guacamole at the summit. Goals, right?

These lovebirds met in college, thanks to mutual friends. Fast forward, and we’re celebrating their engagement, which happened exactly a year ago on Christmas Eve. A family-gathered, heartwarming proposal – what more could you ask for?

With their affinity for mountainous escapades, Emily and Travis dream of one day calling Colorado home. We can’t wait to see where their adventurous spirits take them next!

We couldn’t help but ask these two what they love most about each other, and what they shared had us all in tears:

“She loves me more than I deserve. She focuses on what is important to both us in our lives. Family, health, friends, faith, and dessert. Emily is kind hearted and loved by everyone. She is exactly the type of girl I imagine marrying as a little boy. She is trustworthy, determined, smart, and beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect girl to grow old with and love and laugh forever and ever and ever.”

“He is the most determined and hard-working man that I know. His eyes are what caught my attention the first time I met him. Travis cares about me so much that he will quite literally do anything for me. He is so loving, passionate about his work, and the most honest person I know. He is the most perfect man for me!

We’re counting down the days Emily and Travis, till you’re back in Colorado saying I do. Thank you for a fun adventure in the rocky mountains.

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