Ereka + Andy | Snowy Lily Lake Engagement


February 26, 2021

The cold never bothered me anyway. And though we all left with completely frozen fingers, this winter wonderland engagement in Estes Park was totally worth it.

There’s nothing quite like the wind that whips off a frozen lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. And Lily Lake always seems to bring a little extra bite when the storms start rolling in.

For our engagement session with Ereka and Andy, we knew that we wanted to take them on a mountain adventure; especially as they prepare to bring their out-of-town guests to Estes for their spring wedding.

Getting to share some of our favorite spots with them, I think our favorite was getting to wander out onto the frozen ice just as the snow started to roll in. These two are troopers and endured one of our coldest sessions to date. It’s amazing how laughter can somehow break the ice (not literally), and be such a great distraction from the chill in the air.

When we asked these two to share some of the things they love most about each other, here’s what they had to say:

What he said about her:

“Too many things to list all of them, but apart from being stunningly beautiful, Ereka has some amazing personality traits. She is a great dog mom, and I love seeing them interact and cuddle in the mornings (though it isn’t so great to see them team up and hog all the bed space). Ereka is one of the most determined and passionate people I know, especially when it comes to something that she really cares about.”

What she said about him:

“Andy has many amazing qualities that make him a great partner and someone I know I can count on for the rest of my life. He is always patient with me, even when I’m stressed (or hangry!). He brings out my emotional side even though I tend to be guarded. These things make our relationship both easy going but also very deep and intimate. Andy is one of the most selfless and helpful people I know… Andy is a cutie (I thought so the first time I saw him at work), and I just feel incredibly lucky that he thought I was kind of cute too.”

These two make such a beautiful pair and I can’t wait to experience the joy when they become man and wife. Ereka and Andy, we will see you in May at The Landing.

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