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February 23, 2021

There’s nothing quite like love in the city!  And we had the most amazing time exploring downtown Denver with Jess and James for their rooftop and courthouse engagement session.

Now I realize photos outside the courthouse sort of implies an elopement, but the reality is, we just couldn’t resist those gorgeously tall columns and marble steps. 

The Byron White United States Courthouse dates back to 1910 and is a stunning example of Neo-Classical design.  I’m such a nerd for history, and so it’s not uncommon to find me geeking out over architecture and whatnot.  But seriously, we just don’t have many buildings like this Colorado, so it truly is a such a treasure.

After our fun time at the Courthouse we made our way to the rooftops just in time for sunset.  If you aren’t on a rooftop at sunset, did you even go on a date downtown?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, engagement sessions are the secret sauce to our couples photography experience with us.  I mean, what better way is there for us to get know each other? 

We get a couple hours to just laugh and adventure while breaking down any walls that might be in the way of us capturing truly loving and authentic photos.  

Plus, there’s the added bonus of a date night with new friends and a moment for our couples to just be together.  During the wedding planning process,I don’t think bride’s gift themselves enough time to take a break from the guest lists and mood boards to just be.  Be present.  And remember what all this craziness is about.  

Another way we try to help our couples keep their mind on what’s most important is by asking them what things they love most about each other. Here’s what Jess and James had to share:  

What he loves most about her:

“I love how open and honest she is ~ I love her smile and her commitment to us and our family. She has the ability to make me the happiest person and she is so goofy , funny and genuine!!!!”

What she loves most about him:

“He makes me laugh at least once a day and probably more!! James is the most honest faithful and loyal man ~ I love the way he pursues Jesus and has a heart after Him!!!”

Now despite the fact that it was right around 25 degrees before windchill, getting to look back at these moments the two shared, I can only remember who completely in love they were.  

Jess and James we are beyond excited to celebrate with the two of you next month in Colorado Springs.  Thanks for spending a night with us in the city!

Are you looking for a Romantic or Adventurous Engagement session to tell your love story, capture your proposal or even use to tell friends to “Save the Date”?  We would love to help!  And did you know our engagement sessions are complimentary with ALL our Wedding Collection Bookings!

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  1. Jess says:

    Beautiful beautiful I am absolutely obsessed!

  2. Mariah Velasquez says:

    Hi! I am reaching out because I love the photos you have of this couple on the garage rooftop in Denver. I was wondering if you could share what garage this is/where it is located!?

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