Engagement in Rolling Hills of Colorado


September 22, 2023

Leah and Michael’s engagement session in the foothills of Fort Collins featured wide open fields and a gorgeous setting that checked all the boxes! Leah knew she wanted a place with rolling hills and mountain views, and Lory State Park totally delivered. 

Warm light surrounded us throughout the session, and it just felt like a great big hug. I couldn’t stop smiling, just staring in awe at this gorgeous location. I think Jeremy and I said “Oh my gosh, this is stunning” no less than a million times. Leah and Michael were total naturals in front of the camera, contrary to what they thought when we first started! 

These two have been a couple since high school, and it’s so obvious how comfortable and confident they are when they’re together. In fact, spending time together is one of their favorite things! 

A couple of years ago, they went on an epic road trip! They spent two weeks camping throughout Montanna, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, and Colorado. They filled most of their time with hiking, fishing, and cooking meals, all with very little amenities. A considerable amount of time was also spent avoiding grizzly bears.

Fun, adventure, and unexpected roadblocks were the theme of the trip. But the experience they shared led to so much growth in their relationship. 

We love to ask our couples what they love most about each other. Michael had so much to say about Leah and why he loves her so much:

“First off, I love how kind and genuine Leah is and has been since we first met. I love the joy and happiness that she brings to me, not to mention her smarts! I have also had the opportunity to watch her teach while volunteering in her class, and I have realized how much I love her passion for helping kids grow to their full potential and seeing her work in a career that she truly loves. Lastly, I love how understanding Leah is in times where I am extremely busy/stressed.”

Leah said, “I love how easygoing and kindhearted Michael is and how he is so personable and able to connect with everyone he meets. He is the most hard-working person I know with a great attention to detail and determination to do things well. I also love that he has many talents and interests that he is so passionate about.”

Leah and Michael, we had a blast getting to know you during your beautiful engagement session! We’re so excited to be part of your wedding journey. We can’t wait to head to Z Ranch Event Center to celebrate with you next summer!

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s connect and start planning your engagement or wedding!


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