Winter Mountain Engagement at Carter Lake


February 24, 2023

When Christmas is your all time favorite holiday, you have no choice but to have your engagement shoot in the middle of winter!

Amy and Kelsey’s winter mountain engagement at Carter Lake was nothing short of magical! Nestled amongst the pine trees and surrounded by bits of white snow, they cozied up for some seriously romantic photos. We loved getting to know these two and learning a bit about their love story.

Christmas has always been Amy’s happy place. Long before Thanksgiving arrives, she’s already dreaming of Christmas! So when the couple got to spend the holiday in Utah with Kelsey’s family, she knew it was going to be special.

They had the MOST fun spending time with family, skiing and enjoying the magic of the season. Like many families, on Christmas Eve, each member of the family opens one gift. So naturally Kelsey’s nieces got especially excited, knowing their gift would be wrapped in multiple boxes (if I’m honest this is my most favorite trick to play on family members!) The excitement and suspense lingers on and on, and it’s such a fun memory for them! 

So when Amy began to open her own nesting boxes, she was thrilled to keep finding mugs and ornaments, some of her favorite gifts to receive. However, when she came to the last box, she was stunned to find an empty jewelry box inside. 

When she looked up, Kelsey was in front of her, down on one knee! 

It was so intimate and memorable to have family with them at that moment, and on Amy’s most favorite day of the year. The thoughtfulness that Kelsey put into planning such a special engagement still makes our hearts swoon! 

One of the first things Amy said was, “This is better than when Messi won the World Cup!” This is high praise coming from such a huge soccer fan! Her next response was, “I thought I was getting cozy socks!” While she does ask for those every year, we’re pretty sure she wasn’t mad about getting the ring instead.

Amy and Kelsey have been together for a little over four years. In that time, they’ve been on countless dates and romantic adventures. Their favorite (and most memorable) would have to be from back in 2020, the day they got their second rescue pup. And yes, Amy most definitely considers that a date! 

We were thrilled that they included their sweet dogs, Aspen and Kira, to join us for the photo shoot. With lots of dogs on the trail that day, let’s just say that Aspen was extra thrilled…and maybe got a bit carried away. 

Or I guess you could say it was Kelsey who got carried away…literally! 

We can’t wait for the next chapter in this love story when these two get married at TPC in Berthoud, one of our favorite venues in Colorado! See you soon!

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