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February 22, 2023

We don’t know about you, but getting ready to shoot a wedding can feel overwhelming if you’re not prepared! There’s so much to think about and plan for, not to mention the things that could happen that you DON’T plan for! 

Here’s a little glimpse into our wedding-day brains. We’ve discovered the best way to prepare for a big day of shooting…while juggling three kids and a dog…is to have a checklist that we never leave home without! 

Wedding Day Timeline

First, referencing our Wedding Day Timeline is HUGE. This includes calculating what time we need to leave the house in order to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes early. Of course we always factor in a Chick-fil-A stop on the way, because obviously

Don’t forget to include a buffer for traffic and most likely a stop at the gas station because REAL LIFE.

BRIT’S TIPS: The timing your WAZE app tells you to leave the night before might change in the morning. So be sure to check for traffic a few times as you’re getting ready cause a lot can happen.

Email Reminders

We love sending a handy before the wedding day email reminder to our brides! It ensures those tiny, but very important details aren’t forgotten by the time we arrive. We’re sure to include reminders like “gather your details in one place, clean up the area the bride will be getting in her dress and kiss one more time as they exit the ceremony.” These simple reminders help reassure our brides that we’ve thought of everything, and all they need to do is relax and soak it all in! 


We’re real parents with real kids, and that means securing childcare for the wedding day ahead of time (thanks Grandma!!) So we have to consider everything that needs to go into packing their bags, especially if they’re going to be gone overnight! (And don’t forget to put that timing for drop-off into your timeline). 

Check the Weather

We live in Colorado, which means the weather is all over the place! It could literally be sunny with a chance of rain, gusting winds, or even snow…all in the same day! So we’re sure to pack generously for every weather scenario. Some of our go-to items include clear umbrellas, change of shoes, a big coat, a light coat, hand warmers and cooling towels.

We’re always monitoring the weather, because when we arrive early we have to scout out all the outdoor portrait options, but also the indoor or covered porch options in case we need to make last minute adjustments because of a change in the weather.

And if you need some tips to share with your couples for a rainy wedding day, check out this article we wrote. 


Rainy Wedding Day Tips | Britni Girard Photography - Destination Wedding Photography and Videography - Photographer Education

Gear Checklist

Honestly, this one is pretty committed to memory by now. But you know the minute we get arrogant is the day we forget our camera cards!! And let me tell you friends, XQD cards for mirrorless cameras ain’t cheap! 

So take Santa’s advice: Make your list and definitely check it twice! 

Here’s our EXACT checklist for our wedding day gear.

Grab Your
Wedding Day
Gear Checklist

No more hangry drive’s home and dead batteries at the reception. Head into your wedding day with everything you need to succeed! (plus snacks)

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    This one gets its own category. No one wants a hangry photographer! Be sure to help yourself out by bringing some protein-packed snacks to make sure you’ve got all the energy you need to tackle the long day! 

    • Nuts
    • Protein Bars
    • Apples (with a peanut butter or almond butter cup)
    • Popcorn
    • Hummus cup with crackers or veggies
    • Liquid IV Packs (not a snack, but worth mentioning)

    Wedding Day Outfit Check 

    Time to make sure your outfit has staying power to last the whole day and into the evening! The ultimate test: Can you bend and snap!?

    But seriously, just be sure you’re classy and comfy. It’ll help make you feel confident and relaxed while you work so you can capture the best images in all the possible scenarios throughout the day.

    • Does it have pockets?
    • Will it stay in place when I stand back up after crouching down in the aisle?
    • Is the top too low cut when I bend over?
    • Is the fabric warm enough or cool enough for the weather?

    And when it comes to shoes, I always have two pairs. ONE: in case we go off-roading for portraits and things get messy. And TWO: the swap can really help give you staying power when the reception swings into gear.

    I typically start in something nice like my Rothy’s and then swap to my Reef sandals for the reception.

    And We’re Off! 

    We hope this resource is super helpful and makes preparing for the wedding day stress-free and lots of fun! We get into the nitty gritty of how we prepare the day before the wedding and the morning of in our Wedding Day Checklist Guide….

    Don’t forget to download your FREE Wedding Photography + Videography Gear Checklist for yourself! 


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