Whimsical Summer Wedding at Ellis Ranch


March 10, 2023

Trinity and David’s whimsical summer wedding at Ellis Ranch was amazing from start to finish. Located in the foothills of northern Colorado, this stunning venue sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains just before you head into the canyon. If you’re looking for a great location for a ranch wedding with a rustic barn-style venue, look no further! 

The day started with the couple sharing an emotional first look on the bridge with tall oak trees cascading all around them. From the moment they saw one another, they immediately embraced and softly began praying together. I can’t think of a more amazing way to start a wedding day! 

The Colorado weather showed up in the form of gusting winds, so we had to position the couple just right for portraits. After all, no one’s exactly going for the windblown look on their wedding day! Thankfully the wind ended up working in our favor as Trinity’s beautiful wedding dress danced in the breeze.

And can we talk about the bride’s STUNNING hair for a minute?! My daughter would have been so jealous because Trinity’s flowing locks totally reminded me of Elsa. Simply gorgeous! 

The princess theme carried over into the most epic entrance ever! All eyes watched in amazement as the bride circled the ceremony site in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage! As she pulled up to the aisle, she stood hidden behind two white doors. They gracefully opened to reveal her as her parents escorted her down the aisle to her prince groom! 

Following the ceremony, we swept the couple away to the stunning entrance of Ellis Ranch. The small dirt road lined with tall trees makes you feel like you’re walking around in some romantic Jane Austin film! 

The reception was a total blast as the bride and her maid of honor / best friend surprised guests with their very own choreographed dance! It was similar to the ones they grew up creating together, and it was just the cutest full-circle moment! 

While guests enjoyed dessert, we snuck the couple to an overlook on the property with stunning views of the red flagstone hills. As we wandered up the trail, a light sprinkle of rain began to fall. Trinity and David stopped and took a moment to dance in the rain, just enjoying being in each other’s arms no matter what the circumstance. What a beautiful symbol of marriage and the new life they’re beginning together! 

As we started to head back, a gorgeous rainbow arched just above us in the sky. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect ending to such a sweet, romantic wedding day.

This couple simply radiates love, and it isn’t hard to see they’re crazy about each other. David shared that he “loves Trinity’s heart and her love for people. She lights up any room that she is in, making people’s lives better. She’s the person that makes me feel complete.”

Trinity chimed in, saying “I love how I can always see God’s love through him. He is always patient and kind even when it’s difficult to be. He always makes me laugh even when I have a bad day. But he is also there to comfort me when I need more than just laughter. He always supports me and is always there for me! I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with him!”

Trinity and David, It was such an honor to be part of your special day. We wish you all the best as you enjoy your happily ever after!

VENUE | Ellis Ranch Event Center
CATERER | Smoke Shack BBQ
COORDINATOR | Brandy Schroeder – Vividly Vintage
HAIR AND MAKEUP | Wild & Whimsy Beauty Co – Heather Kissell
BRIDESMAIDS | 1000Love on Etsy
GROOMSMEN | Men’s Wearhouse
STATIONER | Shutterfly
JEWELER | Manly Bands and Riddles

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography


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