New Belgium Brewery Engagement in Fort Collins


June 9, 2024

Hey friends! Today, I’m cozied up with my favorite drink, ready to share a tale that feels like it’s straight from a romance novel. I’m talking about Garrett and Morgan’s swoon-worthy love story, and trust me, it’s as dreamy as they come!

Let’s roll back the tape to the fall of 2021. Remember that stunning wedding we shot for Garrett’s brother Mason and Carlyann at Cielo at Castle Pines? Well, that’s where our connection with Garrett and Morgan began. 

Fast forward to their engagement, and who do they call to capture their big day? Us! “We absolutely loved working with you all and the pictures turned out amazing! When we got engaged we immediately knew we wanted to work with you again,” they told us. Talk about making our hearts sing!

Now, here’s how their stars aligned. Garrett, who’s currently serving in the Air Force, met Morgan during a magical winter season. Picture this: Morgan was visiting her parents in Frisco, Colorado, and Garrett just happened to be in the same area, hitting the slopes. After they connected online, their virtual chats turned into real-life sparks at a New Year’s Eve party Morgan threw. Just days into the new year, they found themselves on their first official date, skiing down those snowy trails.

These two are true adventurers at heart. One of their favorite memories? A weekend getaway exploring Zion National Park. They trekked through the stunning landscapes, stayed in a quaint little Airbnb, and just reveled in each other’s company. Their love for travel and exploring new places is just part of their charm.

Now, onto the proposal—because it’s just too good not to gush over. While Garrett was stationed in Florida, he planned a simple beach picnic on base at their favorite Nature Preserve that was anything but ordinary. 

He told Morgan he was just running out to grab some ice and drinks. Little did she know, he was also picking up Prosecco and champagne glasses to hide under the ice. They set up on the beach as if it was just another day, except Garrett had set his camera to record, not snap photos. 

As the sunset painted the sky, he knelt down, popped the question, and of course, she said yes! They celebrated right there, with the waves as their soundtrack, sipping Prosecco and sharing their joy with family over the phone.

Morgan adores how Garrett makes her feel valued and loved every single day. “He constantly goes out of his way to show how much he cares, and he’s truly my best friend,” she says with a smile. And Garrett? He’s just as smitten, always praising Morgan’s loyalty, enthusiasm, and the vibrant color she brings to his life.

For their engagement photos, we decided to mix it up with an urban twist and chose the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins. It wasn’t just about taking photos; it was about deepening our friendship, laughing over beers, and really getting to know them beyond the camera. This connection is what we strive for—it’s the essence of the BGP Experience.

Their upcoming wedding? It’s going to be a rustic, mountain-themed celebration at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur, nestled among breathtaking fall foliage. It’s the perfect reflection of where their love story began, high in the Colorado mountains.

We can’t wait to capture Garrett and Morgan’s wedding day and share all the gorgeous details with you. Until then, keep loving fiercely and dreaming big. Cheers to love stories that remind us why we do what we do! 🥂✨

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