Timeless St Isidore Wedding & Ranch Reception


June 18, 2024

Being a Colorado Wedding Photographer is all about capturing those magical moments that turn into lifelong memories. Leah and Michael’s wedding day was a perfect example of this—sweet, traditional, and deeply romantic.

Leah and Michael’s journey began over six years ago at Berthoud High School. From shy glances across classrooms to heartfelt conversations during lunch breaks, their bond grew stronger with each passing year. Fast forward to their wedding day, the culmination of a love story that had been in the making since their teenage years.

The breathtaking St. Isidore Catholic Church was the setting for their big day. As the grand doors swung open, Leah, arm in arm with her dad, took her first steps down the aisle. Michael, standing at the altar, couldn’t hold back his tears as he saw his stunning bride. The traditional Roman Catholic service, complete with a full Latin mass, added a layer of solemnity and reverence to their vows.

Once pronounced husband and wife, Leah and Michael shared their first kiss on the church steps. The scene felt like a classic film from the 1950s—timeless and utterly romantic. The moment was enhanced by the beautiful pastel florals from Hana Floral Artistry and Design, adding soft hues to the already picturesque setting.

The wedding party climbed aboard the Party Bus, ready to celebrate the newlyweds. Our route took us from Watkins, Colorado, to East Greeley, and we did our best to dodge the June thunderstorms. The stormy skies, while a bit challenging, provided a dramatic backdrop for some truly unique portraits. There’s something magical about those Colorado skies, even when they’re filled with clouds and a hint of rain.

The reception at Z Ranch Event Center was a heartwarming family affair. With over half of the 200 guests being family and extended family members, the atmosphere was filled with love and laughter. Leah and Michael’s guests enjoyed a delicious array of treats, including a yummy wedding cake and scrumptious donuts from Duck Donuts, a local favorite.

As the night wound down, we stole the bride and groom away for a private moment outside. Under the glow of their lit marquee sign, Leah and Michael shared late-night pizza slices—a perfect, down-to-earth ending to their extraordinary day.

Being a Colorado Wedding Photographer means witnessing and capturing the beauty of love stories like Leah and Michael’s. Their day was a beautiful blend of tradition, family, and personal touches that made it uniquely theirs. Here’s to many more years of happiness and love for this incredible couple!

CEREMONY | St. Isidore Catholic Church
RECEPTION | Z Ranch Event Center

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

PLANNER | The White Longhorn

FLORIST | Hana Floral Artistry & Design

DRESS | Boulder Bridal


DESSERT | Duck Donuts

TRANSPORTATION | Forever Party Bus


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