Fall Wedding Turned Winter Fairytale at Crooked Willow


November 15, 2023

When Sarah and Zach planned their fall wedding at Crooked Willow in Larkspur, little did they know Mother Nature had a surprise in store. A blizzard transformed their day into a magical winter wonderland, proving that sometimes, the unexpected brings the most beautiful memories.

Sarah was the epitome of elegance in her long-sleeved gown, with hair and makeup flawlessly done by Glam 5280’s Chaundra and Madison. The day was dotted with heartfelt moments, like the daddy-daughter first look where Sarah presented her dad with a tie featuring a childhood photo.

Time to brave the cold, the bride and groom’s first look under the willow trees was a scene to remember, especially as snowflakes started to fall that very moment. Sarah’s mix of laughter and tears before her groom turned around captured the essence of their love perfectly.  When Zach turned around to see his stunning bride, it was like a scene from a movie.  

With temperatures dropping below 20 degrees, we quickly adapted, seeking warmth without losing the fun. The wedding party was up for the challenge as we embraced the indoor portrait opportunities like the wine barrel room and nooks by the large stable doors.  

Despite the chilly twist, the vibrant fall colors remained a stunning backdrop. The indoor ceremony in the cozy loft was lit by candles and adorned with romantic vines, creating an ambiance straight out of a fairytale.  Guests were greeted with cozy cream colored blankets on their seats as they snuggled in ready for Sarah and Zach to exchange vows.

Kudos to Cloud 9 for managing the unexpected snowstorm and to the diligent Crooked Willow staff for keeping the grounds safe and navigable.  The snow fall soon turned blizzard just as guests made their way to cocktail hour.  But that didn’t stop Sarah from getting outside in the snow for some bride and groom portraits.

Frozen to our core we watched as they laughed and embraced the conditions under the twinkle lights on the trees.  We couldn’t see more than 50 yards out, so the mountain views were absent.  But the snow packed grounds and falling flakes more than made up for the lost views.

The reception décor, with candles cascading down the tablescapes, created a romantic glow that enhanced the cozy atmosphere, perfect for toasting and a sense of family all together as one.  Statice Floral Design completely transformed the already stunning room, filling the vaulted ceilings with veins and deep vibrant florals. 

A live band with a spectacular horn section set the tone for the ceremony and reception, playing special tributes throughout the night, all arranged by the couple. It was a musical journey that added a personal touch to every moment. 

From the acoustic covers as the bride walked down the aisle, to jazzy cocktail hour vibes, ending with that full big band sound keeping the dance floor alive.  We hadn’t had the pleasure of working with Groove in Motion before, but we hope to again.  

There’s truly nothing better than late night snacks from Footers Catering, and Sarah and Zach’s wedding was no exception.  You can tell alot about a couple by the snacks that they choose, which is why watching the bride push around a cute little chicken nugget cart was a delightful highlight.

Looking out the windows to the courtyard of Crooked Willow, the twinkle lights created a welcoming glow that inspired Sarah to grab her now husband for some romantic night time portraits.  Always a favorite moment during a wedding, is the sound of music on the dance floor and guests laughing the distance, while the bride and groom have a moment of peace away from the celebration.  

We strolled outside under the snow covered trees, then quickly warmed up by the fire pits.  But it wasn’t long before Sarah turned the romantic snuggles into a full blown snowball fight with Zach.  

As the night deepened, the Cigar Lounge at Crooked Willow Farm became a hub of camaraderie and celebration. Smoke curled through the air, mingling with the intoxicating aroma of fine cigars. Dozens of guests, drawn by this inviting scent, gathered in the lounge.

It was a scene right out of an elegant bygone era, where laughter and stories were shared over the glow of cigar embers. This smoky soirée added yet another layer of warmth and sophistication to an already unforgettable winter wedding. It was a perfect retreat for guests to relax, reflect, and revel in the joy of Sarah and Zach’s special day.

Our drive home might have been long, but our hearts were full. Sarah and Zach, having braved a blizzard for their engagement at Bear Lake, showed they were more than ready for this unexpected winter twist on their wedding day.

We’re beyond thrilled to have captured these moments as your wedding photographers and videographers. Sarah and Zach’s day at Crooked Willow Farm wasn’t just a wedding; it was a celebration we’ll never forget.

VENUE | The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms
PHOTOGRAPHER | www.britnigirardphotography.com
VIDEOGRAPHER | www.britnigirardphotography.com
PLANNER |  Cloud 9
CATERER | Footers Catering

FLORIST | Statice Floral Design

DJ | Groove ‘n Motion

BEVERAGES | Peak Beverage
RENTALS | Event Rents


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