Fall Boho Wedding at Boulder Creek


November 22, 2023

As Colorado Wedding Photographers and Videographers, we’ve witnessed countless beautiful moments, but the wedding of Emilee and Austin at Boulder Creek was truly a page out of a fairy tale. Tucked away in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, this fall wedding was nothing short of magical.

The day kicked off in typical Boulder fashion. Just a week after a foot of snow blanketed the city, we were graced with perfect weather, a true testament to the unpredictability and beauty of Colorado’s climate.

In separate local Airbnbs, the anticipation filled the air. While Emilee and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done by the fabulous team at Colorado Bridal Co, Austin and his groomsmen enjoyed a laid-back morning, beers in hand, soaking in the calm before the storm of emotions.

But don’t be fooled by Austin’s laid back demeanor, he’s a pretty talented guy, with many artistic contributions to the wedding day.  Including the gorgeous handmade earrings for all the bridesmaids; the perfect accent to the fall boho wedding design.

For Emilee, the day began with a moment of prayer, a touching ritual to center her heart and mind. The emotions of the day hit hard when she saw herself in the STUNNING dress from Emma + Grace Bridal Attire for the first time. The day can get moving so quickly and a small moment like looking in the mirror can so easily get overlooked.  Don’t believe me?  

Nearly every wedding day timeline we review leaves very little time to get in the dress.  But getting in the dress should be a moment that is savored, not rushed.  When you think of getting in the dress, remember that that is YOUR time to prioritize you.  Leave time for putting on your jewelry with your mom, spraying some perfume and take a beat to look in the mirror! 

As Colorado Wedding Photographers and Videographers, witnessing such raw emotion is a reminder to all of us that the timeline can wait, it’s so much more important to be present.

And as Emilee wiped away the tears, she made her way down the steps to be greeted by her friends and family whose reactions brought back all those wonderful tears.  Fortunately for Emilee her wonderful makeup artist was there to tend to her needs, but every moment Emilee got to feel in that moment was absolutely worth it.

We’ve been part of Emilee and Austin’s journey for nearly two years, first meeting them at a bridal show at Sweet Heart Winery and immediately falling in love with their laidback joyful personalities.  From their engagement session to this monumental day, their laughter and love have been infectious.

Preparing to see his gorgeous bride, Austin, found solace atop Boulder’s majestic mountains, reading a heartfelt letter from Emilee.

The highlight? A bridal boudoir album, a special gift that left him in awe, jaw on the floor.  The images really were breathtaking, and I should know, speaking as the photographer 😉  Emilee’s thoughtful planning and the look of sheer joy on Austin’s face was a moment to remember.

Their first look was private, intimate, and incredibly emotional. The way they clung to each other, it was as if nothing else in the world mattered. It’s these moments, these unscripted displays of love, are what make our jobs so incredibly meaningful.  Getting to be the fly on the wall capturing something they can relive over and over again, there’s nothing quite so rewarding.

With the venue opening just an hour before the ceremony, we took the wedding party for portraits in the mountains nearby, with the stunning backdrop of Boulder. Our pre-wedding scouting, especially after the snowfall, ensured we found the perfect spots for these photos.

One of the day’s most touching moments was Emilee’s private time with her father by the river at the venue just before the ceremony. The ceremony itself was a beautiful blend of laughter and tears, a perfect reflection of Emilee’s vibrant spirit.  And the stunning glow of the sun setting behind the canyon walls created a warm and inviting experience for all.

Austin’s custom wood carved 3 strands board and Emilee’s custom ring for Austin, etched with mountains, were testaments to their love for each other and the Colorado landscape.

The reception was a spectacle of personalized touches: a photobooth, s’mores by the firepit, and custom cocktails. But it was the private last dance that encapsulated the intimacy of their relationship, a fitting end to a perfect Fall Wedding at Boulder Creek.

Capturing Emilee and Austin’s wedding at Boulder Creek was not just an assignment; it was a journey into the heart of what makes love so beautiful. In the stunning landscape of Boulder, Colorado, their love story unfolded like a dream, and we were there to capture every moment.

VENUE | Boulder Creek by Wedgewood

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

FLORIST | Bloom Floral Boutique

HAIR AND MAKEUP | Colorado Bridal Co.

DRESS | Emma and Grace Bridal Studio


SUITS | Mens Wearhouse

JEWELER | Jenna Koo Jewelry

CAKE | Kupcake Konnoisseur


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