Fall Engagement in Fort Collins Colorado


October 6, 2023

I’ll never get over the captivating beauty of the mountains in the fall. It was a joy to capture Paige and Jack’s fall engagement session at Dixon Reservoir near Horsetooth. With perfect weather, warm golden light, and leaves bursting with color, it was the most amazing kick-off to the fall season! 

We found some incredible spots along the trails with soft light filtering in. We couldn’t have orchestrated a more romantic setting if we tried! 

These two just brought so much fun to the afternoon, and we absolutely loved getting to know them. I’m a sucker for a good engagement story, and this one did not disappoint! 

It was the 4th of July, and both Paige and Jack’s families were celebrating. It was their first big holiday to spend together. Independence Day also happens to be Jack’s favorite holiday, which added an extra layer of excitement! 

Paige suspected that they would get engaged during their upcoming trip to Vegas in September. What better opportunity to pop the question, right?! Or better yet, during Christmas, which is her favorite holiday. Well, Jack was about to set off some 4th of July fireworks of his own! 

Standing in front of both their families, Jack asked Paige to spend the rest of her life with him as his wife. She was completely shocked! So surprised, in fact, she couldn’t even speak. Instead, she managed to jump a little and squeak out a small “yes!” 

Jack later revealed that in all the excitement, he completely forgot everything he was going to say! He’s keeping those details a secret until their wedding day, where he’ll reveal exactly what’s on his heart as he recites his vows. Let me tell you, we can hardly wait for that moment!! 

If you’re new to the BGP blog, we absolutely love asking our couples to share what they love most about each other. It gives us a beautiful glimpse into their hearts and their connection as a couple. Here’s what they had to say: 

“I love how she’s always so willing to go out of her way to make sure I’m taken care of, even if it means putting herself on the back burner. I’m extremely lucky to have someone take care of me as well as she does. She makes sure I have food ready to eat when I wake up and always makes sure to pack my lunch for me and make my coffee. She will even get mad at me if I do it myself because she just really wants to do it…and it does taste better when she does it.” – Jack

“I love the way he makes me feel safe. I always feel super loved and appreciated. He takes good care of me and can make me laugh everyday. I love when I’m cooking and he comes up behind me and hugs me.” – Paige

Get ready for even more to celebrate with this couple, because their wedding is THIS Saturday at Brookside Weddings and Events in Berthoud. We simply can’t wait for our team to capture all the bold jewel-toned colors and warmth of fall. It’s sure to be a stunner!

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