Romantic Fall Engagement in Estes Park


October 3, 2022

There’s nothing better than a good love story! When we get the opportunity to re-create some of the most romantic moments in a couple’s relationship, we jump at the chance! It helps to give them a moment to reflect on their story and the special memories they’ve made, while looking ahead to the wonderful adventures that still await! We totally felt the love radiating from Brittany and Connor during their fall engagement shoot in Estes Park! 

Our newest BGP Couple, Brittany and Connor, share a unique bond, not only in their relationship but also in their profession. It all began in Leavenworth, Kansas where they met in physical therapy school…and the rest is history. 

As soon as Brittany and Connor told us all about one of their most memorable dates, we knew we had to recreate it. Connor set the bar high and pulled out all the date-night stops when he surprised Brittany with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, then drove to their favorite romantic lookout at a nearby lake. They cuddled up in the back of the truck, sipping wine and gazing out over the water. Swoon! 

We immediately knew we had to recreate the magic, and we knew just the place. We headed up to the top of a romantic overlook at Lily Lake, and obviously, had to bring a bottle of champagne and two glasses! 

Golden sunlight filtered through the trees, surrounding the couple with a warm, cozy glow. As the session went on, Brittany and Connor began to get comfortable in front of the camera. They began to laugh and enjoy this special time together. Before we knew it, they almost seemed to forget we were there. It was so easy to capture their love on film as they quietly gazed into each other’s eyes. It quickly turned into one of the most romantic engagement shoots ever! 

And romance is simply part of their story! Their engagement story is one of my very favorites. Brittany planned a fun outing with her parents at Sweet Heart Winery to celebrate her birthday. Little did she know that Connor had his own plans! 

After walking into the tasting room, she was stunned to see Connor standing at the counter waiting for her! He walked her outside, right into the most beautiful set-up with roses and balloons lining the path. He presented her with a bottle of wine he picked out, asking her to read the back label.

Brittany read the words “Will You Marry Me?” just as Connor got down on one knee. She immediately said yes! As they hugged, she looked through tear-filled eyes to see family and friends cheering and celebrating. 

Their love for each other is so apparent, and it just flows through the words they shared with us when we asked them to describe each other.

What he loves most about her:

“Her kindness moves mountains. She has brought me closer to God and I truly think she’s who I’m meant to spend my life with.”

What she loves most about him:

“I love his humble and kind attitude towards everyone he meets. He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know and makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and so safe.”

This session was the perfect opportunity to get to know this amazing couple, surrounded by the beauty of the changing fall leaves and stunning mountain views. With an engagement as romantic as theirs, I can only imagine the joy we’ll all feel at their wedding! Guys, we can’t wait to spend more time with you when we celebrate your big day at Hillside Vineyard next year! 

Are you interested in escaping to the mountains or strolling along the city streets with twinkle lights overhead? What’s your idea of a great date night? We love taking our BGP couples out for a photoshoot they’ll never forget. Celebrating that little sparkle of the left hand, your engagement!

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