Denver Botanic Gardens Spring Engagement


May 12, 2023

Lauren and Matt’s engagement session at the Denver Botanic Gardens was filled with so much laughter and joy! It’s such a fantastic location, and makes the perfect backdrop for romantic summer engagement photos.

As a bonus, Colorado was really showing off with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. It was beyond gorgeous, and totally set the stage for a fun afternoon with this sweet couple. 

The only snag was discovering that so much of the gardens were closed while under construction. We’re nothing if not creative, so we had to pivot (say that in your best Ross impression!) and come up with a Plan B.

We seriously lucked out by finding a couple of blooming trees and the tulip garden! It’s a tad early in the season, so we were thrilled to stumble on some pops of color that added such a gorgeous final touch to their photos.

It’s been a ton of fun getting to know Lauren and Matt, and we’d love for you to get to know them a little bit, too! 

From their second date (which Matt claims was actually the first date, but that’s a whole other story!) it was clear they were made for each other. They went to dinner at Agave and Rye, a modern Mexican restaurant specializing in crazy good tacos. This was admittedly an incredibly messy food choice for a second date, but it would soon become one of their go-to date night spots! 

Hours ticked by as they talked and talked, thoroughly enjoying getting to know each other. They finally decided it was time to leave, but they weren’t even close to being done talking. So they went to an outdoor mall nearby and grabbed some popsicles. 

Another hour passed by before they realized they had walked about five laps around the mall, talking away, all while Lauren’s popsicle melted all over her shoes and dress. That’s a true sign of a great conversation! 

They drove around a bit before Matt finally took Lauren home. After that night, they realized just how easy it was to simply be with each other, and how quickly they can get lost in conversation. Neither of them wanted the night to end. Thankfully, their journey together had just begun…

In July 2022, Matt made drink and dinner reservations at what had become two of their favorite spots in town.

Lauren had a sneaking suspicion that he might be proposing, but she played it cool. She tried to stay calm throughout the meal, but when they finished eating and nothing out of the ordinary took place, she figured it wasn’t happening after all.

When they got home from dinner, Matt asked her to walk down to their mailbox. Lauren said no because her feet were killing her! Ha! (Seriously, what girl doesn’t understand that!) When Matt told Lauren to just stay in the car for a second, she knew exactly what was going to happen next.

After a few minutes passed, Matt came back to the car to get her. From there, he walked her into the house and down a rose petal path leading to the back patio. Matt had strung up lights and lit dozens of candles while music from their playlist filled the air around them. 

He handed Lauren a book that detailed their love story. When she finished reading it, she turned to find Matt down on one knee! The personal touches made their engagement so incredibly memorable.

What Matt said about Lauren: I love her smile and her eyes. She’s so supportive and loyal and easy to talk to. I can always just be myself whenever I’m with her.

What Lauren said about Matt: I love his smile and the way he cares for me. He supports me in everything I do. Also, he’s always down for late night ice cream dates! 

We can’t wait to celebrate their upcoming wedding at the Boulders at Black Canyon Inn. It’s a safe bet there’s going to be a lot more smiling and laughing to come! 

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