Cliffside Engagement in Northern Colorado


May 19, 2023

We just love spending time with our BGP couples before the wedding day, and it’s super special when we already share so much in common! When we headed up to Horsetooth for Hannah and Caleb’s engagement shoot, it was like a mini-reunion! 

I’ve known Hannah’s family for a really long time. We took her sister’s senior portraits, as well as photographed her engagement and wedding! On top of all that, we share a mutual love for performing and dance, so they’re clearly our people! 

Hannah and Caleb are seriously the most fun! Similar to Jeremy and I, swing dancing is one of their favorite things to do together! So of course we had to incorporate some of those sweet moves into our shoot. I’m not sure if I was more smitten by the way they looked at each other, or the laughter they shared spinning each other around the trails.

Dancing is definitely a consistent theme in their relationship. In fact, one of their favorite dates was when they went to a friend’s wedding. The venue was about 3 hours from where they live, and they spent the entire drive singing Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Josh Turner at the top of their lungs! At the wedding, they spent all night country swing dancing, surrounded by friends and good food. (Seriously, are we soul mates?!) 

Their love is undeniable and they clearly adore each other! 

Caleb says: I absolutely love her heart for the Lord, and that she desires to live a life for the Lord and not for men. I love how patient and gentle she is with me. She makes me feel as if I’m a very strong man. She gives me a ton of confidence in who I am as a man of God, but also as the man in our relationship. Plus…I love how absolutely stunning she is! 

Hannah says: I love the way he has a personal relationship with the Lord. His close walk with the Lord inspires me to draw nearer to Him. He treats me like an absolute princess, and I know that he values my heart more than anything else about me. He is someone that has great character, even through trials. I love the way he handles conflict – he always keeps a cool head. Caleb is humble, patient, and so good at giving me any affirmation I need. 

It’s easy to see why we’re so excited to celebrate this special couple! Hannah and Caleb, we can’t wait for your wedding this summer! 

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