Katie + Christian’s Elegant Country Wedding


July 1, 2021

A classic church wedding in the summer, followed by strolls down country roads and a full dance floor at A Gathering Place; it’s not the perfect romantic movie, but Katie and Christian’s wedding day sure felt like it.

When we first arrived to bridesmaids dancing all over the room, singing at the tops of their lungs, we immediately knew it was going to be a good day. I’d expect nothing less from this amazing family of entertainers. And hearing them belt out their favorite songs as I snapped away at details made my heart so happy.

And as the groomsmen strolled in from an afternoon of yard games, the wedding party began getting ready and the nerves and anticipation began to grow.

Katie put on her dress with the help of her sisters and mom, taking time to ensure that every detail was in place. The best wedding days are the ones that allow the bride to slow down and enjoy the experience of getting in her dress. It really does set the tone for the rest of the day, cause once she’s ready, the timeline starts to run forward.

Katie’s gorgeous dress from Dora Grace Bridal was designed by Stella York and fit so perfectly you’d think it was created with Katie in mind. She and her dad shared the an emotional first look as they made their way to the church for the ceremony.

With so many memorable moments it can be hard to mention them all, but it was when Katie’s sister took the stage and the entire wedding party stood with the congregation to worship, that takes our breath away. With arms stretched high, one of their first acts of marriage was to join together in praise and worship and it was a beautiful sight. A very familiar one at that, as Jeremy and I reminisced about our own wedding day where we too had a time of worship. Such a foundational part of our marriage still to this day.

After the ceremony, we found ourselves strolling down dirt roads under a canopy of tree’s just letting Katie and Christian spend some time together before the big celebration. It was pure joy watching these two just melt into one another’s arms.

But to know Katie and Christian is to know that they’ll always make an entrance. And today was no different, as they took over the DJ’s mic and came up with their own clever introductions for their wedding party. Then after their own grande entrance it was straight to the dance floor for these two love birds who’ve made somewhat of a name for themselves as amazing dancers.

Their smooth moves were every bit as good as we’d hoped and with each spin and sway, I was reminded of a sermon my husband once delivered at as wedding for two other dancers we knew. The basic points were based on the movements of a quick-step:

Slow – Slow To Anger

Slow– Slow to Speak (Listen First)

Quick– Quick to Forgive

Quick– Quick to Move Forward

Slow– Slow to Forget the Life-Changing Moments

Katie and Christian, I am so very glad the two of you found one another. And even more glad to see God as the center of your marriage. As you spend your lives dancing away, be sure to remember to slow dance and take in the moments that matter most. You two are going to have a beautiful marriage. Thank you so much for allowing us to be there with you to capture this very special time. CONGRATS!!!

And we invite you to check out Katie and Christian’s Engagement photos and film on the blog as well!

CEREMONY VENUE | Bethel Baptist Church

RECEPTION VENUE | A Gathering Place Event Center

FLORIST | Cottonwood Florist

BRIDES DRESS | Dora Grace Bridal by Stella York


JEWELER | Shane Co and Jordan Jack

CAKE | Jessica Snyder

DJ | Kyle Ley from All Around DJ Services


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