Vibrant Fall Wedding at Brookside in Berthoud


November 1, 2023

It’s always a good day for a wedding at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud. However, nothing quite compares to Paige and Jack’s vibrant fall wedding in the garden! Between the falling leaves and amazing weather, it was pure joy from beginning to end. 

We love nothing more than to see our couples showered with love by their friends and family. That was the theme of the day for Paige and Jack! From the moment our team arrived, we were surrounded by so much laughter and lighthearted fun! Also, there was also no shortage of inside jokes, which is kind of our favorite thing. 

Showing up for your people is such a beautiful part of any relationship. We walked up to find the bridesmaids – all decked out in their matching pajama sets – adding the finishing touches to the reception space. The mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and Paige’s “bonus mom” also had a set of pajamas. It was the perfect representation of their strong bond, and we knew immediately that this wedding day was going to be filled with so much love! 

Paige’s maid of honor had been the only person to see the dress before her big reveal. So when the bridesmaids shared a first look with the bride, they dissolved into tears! It was absolutely adorable and so very sweet! We kept snapping away as the bride and her bridesmaids just kept staring at each other, unable to stop the tears from flowing.

It probably would have been smart to just carry around a box of tissues, because we barely had time to recover before Paige and her dad shared their first look. When she was ready, Paige told him it was time to turn around. However, her dad was already way too emotional to even take a look! He paused for a few deep breaths and wiped his tears before finally turning to see his little girl, now all grown up as a beautiful bride. 

As we captured photos of the groom, his mom began helping him add the boutonniere to his jacket. To her surprise, he gifted her with a necklace and matching earrings! Paige also surprised her dad with a photo of the two of them to add to the inside of his tie. It’s sentimental touches like this that just make my heart swoon, and remind me why I’m so grateful for the honor of sharing these special moments with our BGP couples.

Guests began to arrive, so we rushed to hide the bride and quickly captured some photos of the ceremony space before they were seated. It was nothing short of breathtaking! Palmer Flowers completely outdid themselves, designing the most stunning floral arrangements for the perfect finishing touches. 

When the ceremony began, we couldn’t stop grinning at the sight of the “flower dudes” dancing to the song “I Feel Like a Woman!” All eyes were on them as they sauntered down the aisle tossing flower petals from pink fanny packs while wearing delicate flower crowns. 

Remember, laughter and jokes filled the entire day. So when the bride and groom shared hilariously NON traditional vows, we could barely hold it together. Let’s just say it was the first time we’ve ever heard the word “butthole” used in a couple’s wedding vows. Despite the silliness of the moment, somehow Paige and Jack still managed to have us all in tears. The beauty of their relationship is just simply something to behold.

The team at Brookside did an incredible job of moving all the beautiful flowers from the ceremony site, repurposing them indoors for the reception. A lovely cocktail hour was held outside, complete with signature drinks named after the couple’s inside jokes, of course! 

The reception space was simply stunning. There were even pies from Ginger and Baker incorporated into the decor. The DJ brought a ton of fun energy to the celebration. He brought an awesome photobooth for the guests to enjoy during cocktail hour!  

The best part of the night, hands down, was Paige and Jack’s entrance into the reception. In front of their friends and family, the newlyweds had a full-blown lightsaber fight! And of course, the bride won. 🙂 

We were able to sneak the couple away for a few minutes of twinkle-light photos after dinner. We had them back to the reception just in time to hear some heartfelt speeches from some of the most important people in their lives.

Paige and Jack, we know your wedding day was everything you hoped and dreamed it would be! We are honored you chose our team to help you capture every moment. Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness!

VENUE | Brookside Weddings and Events
PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography (Brittani)
VIDEOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography (Zane)
CATERER | Origins Catering Co
FLORIST | Palmer Flowers
DJ | Exclusive Events DJ
DRESS | Abeille Bridal
SUITS | Men’s Wearhouse
CAKE | Ginger and Baker


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