Summer Engagement at Denver Botanic Gardens


August 11, 2023

We’re always thrilled when we have the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Denver Botanic Gardens. During Emily and James’ engagement shoot, we found ourselves falling in love all over again with the romantic location and phenomenal colors everywhere we looked! 

The beginning of our session started with lots of thunderstorms and rain. As locals know all too well, the weather in Colorado is truly unpredictable! We could have clear blue skies all day long, then a random summer storm seems to pop up almost every afternoon. 

So we weren’t surprised to see the clouds rolling in just as we started our shoot. But luckily there were plenty of tall trees and gazebos where we could take shelter! And like clockwork, the sun emerged from behind the clouds during the last half our of time together. 

We’ve learned to embrace Colorado’s crazy weather, and thankfully Emily and James were super easygoing and just rolled with it. It made our time with them so enjoyable! We had so much fun, laughing and embracing the experience. 

The botanic gardens are a popular choice not just for engagement photos, but for locals to enjoy a gorgeous setting on a nice day. However, we recommend visiting in the middle of the week. This way, you avoid the weekend crowds and it’s a much more relaxed environment so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

The sprawling grounds feature a wide variety of flowers, trees, and garden areas. It’s just another reason it makes such a great location for a photo shoot! There are endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking images. 

Emily and James are adorable together, and it was such a pleasure to photograph them! We loved getting to know them and what makes them so special as a couple. We discovered they love just being together. So much, in fact, that some of their favorite dates are just “making a day” out of something! 

This includes anything from car racing to lake days, or just restaurant hopping and snacking on something delicious every place they go. They even enjoy just having a movie marathon together! 

It’s so refreshing to see a couple embracing life’s everyday, simple pleasures and finding joy in sharing it all together.

When James told us what he loves about Emily, it’s clear they share a beautiful connection.  “Emily is my best friend and we constantly make each other laugh. She is beautiful and smart. She’s so ambitious and has wonderful plans for us and our future. Emily makes me feel valuable and loved. I admire her morals and values and how aligned in this area we are. She is so caring and I know she will be a fantastic mother, which is important to both of us.”

Emily loves that “James makes (her) feel grounded.” She said, “I have never felt as safe and solid as when I’m with him. He helps me slow life down and not rush through it all. I savor the memories and appreciate where we are right now. I can be 1000% myself (I’m a little nutty by the way) and I know he loves me for it. He just makes everything better and I can’t wait for the rest of our lives.”

And WE can’t wait for their wedding next year at The Boulders in Estes Park! It’s going to be an amazing celebration of love! 

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