Stunning Wedding at Summit House in Monument


June 22, 2023

Summer storms set the stage for Paris and Gabe’s magical wedding day at Summit House in Monument, CO. Despite the challenging weather, the evening unfolded with the most beautiful golden hour strolls and breathtaking mountain views. The entire day was sprinkled with unforgettable moments from start to finish! 

Here in Colorado, we’ve been experiencing the craziest summer weather. Nearly every week we find ourselves battling thunderstorms and torrential rain, and Paris and Gabe’s wedding day was no exception! 

The day began with dark clouds hovering, which dissolved into massive thunderstorms that also brought an insane amount of hail! As the storm swept through, it instantly flooded the ceremony site. We kicked into action mode and it was all hands on deck to remove the water from the aisle. 

The groomsmen got creative, using leaf blowers to remove the hail and shop vacs to dry up the puddles. That’s right, folks. They managed to clear the area in time for the wedding with time to spare. It was quite impressive if I do say so myself.

I have to take a minute to paint a picture of the spectacular Summit House in Monument, CO. This impressive estate is proudly perched at the top of a hill surrounded by mountain views. While we were there, we learned that the movie “The Engagement Plot” was filmed at that location. I have a few friends who were involved to various degrees in the making of that film, so it was a super cool experience getting to shoot a wedding at this stunning venue. 

Once we finished roto-rootering the ceremony site, the sun broke through the clouds casting a romantic glow all around us. We couldn’t have planned a more perfect setting for what turned out to be such an emotional first look between Paris and Gabe.

When he saw his bride for the first time, Gabe just stood there with his jaw hanging open. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak. This moment pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day, as he continued to be stunned every time he looked at Paris. She literally left him speechless! 

The bridesmaids shed tears of joy as they experienced their own first look with Paris. Just before the ceremony, they took time to pray together. And being a very musical family, they also spent time singing and worshiping. The lyrics to “It is Well” filled the room and it was such a gift to everyone listening. I couldn’t contain my tears, and I needed a minute to soak it all in.

Because this was an Air Force wedding it held an extra layer of meaning and significance. The groomsmen were a mix of family, friends, and cadets, and it was so fun to see the way they all interacted! Military weddings always symbolize a unique connection, making the interactions extra memorable.

Raindrops gently fell as the ceremony began. A beautiful harp and bass began to play, leading everyone in singing a worship song together. Four family members sang a gorgeous a capella hymn and just reinforced how ridiculously talented this incredible family is!  

As soon as the couple began reciting their vows, the sun appeared again. It was such an amazing symbol of the beauty and resilience of marriage. The wood arch that the couple stood under was built by the groom and will be placed in their backyard after the wedding. It was yet  another tangible reminder of the strength and commitment their marriage vows represent. 

When the reception began, I felt like I was transported into the middle of a Disney movie! The large tent housed so many romantic details that were completely reminiscent of Rapunzel (one of the bride’s favs!) From the bright florals (that looked like they were literally plucked from the movie) to a romantic fairytale gown with custom sleeves, this was one for the books. 

The grand piano constantly filled the space with beautiful music. Of course Jeremy found himself there a time or two…he just couldn’t help himself! 

The groom’s brother served as best man, and he wrote a special song for the couple. The lyrics were based on things he had heard Gabe say about Paris throughout their relationship. This attention to detail and display of affection just about did me in. It was the absolute sweetest gesture! 

And the symbolism throughout the day seemed to be never ending. Paris even had a custom ring made for Gabe with a personalized engraving written in Hebrew. This nod to his Israeli heritage was further highlighted during the reception, as the dance floor transformed into a joyous celebration with the vibrant beats of Israeli music! 

Words can’t quite paint the picture of what the dance floor looked like, as guests were frequently hoisted up on shoulders, being tossed in the air. Even the bride and groom took a turn! So many members of the groom’s family traveled overseas from Israel to attend the wedding. It just made this mountain wedding an extra special destination to share with his loved ones.

The talent in this family is overflowing, as the bride created all the invitations, programs, and printed details for the day. She is an extremely talented artist and this special touch was so very meaningful. 

From beginning to end, every moment of the day was laced with meaning and sentimentality. While the timeline got a little backed up due to the storm, we had enough buffer built in to keep things moving beautifully. 

Paris and Gabe, we have loved experiencing so many milestones and special moments with you and your incredible family. We are so grateful to be part of your lives! Jeremy and I wish you all the best in your new life together. Congratulations! 

PHOTOGRAPHER | Britni Girard Photography

VENUE | Summit House
CATERER | Broken Bones BBQ
DJ | CFE Productions
DRESS | Emma & Grace
SUITS | Men’s Wearhouse


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