Windy Mountain Lake Engagement in Colorado


March 23, 2023

It doesn’t get much better than spending time with two people who were simply made for each other. Paris and Gabe’s windy mountain engagement shoot on the cliffs of Horsetooth was filled with so much joy! Photographing this special couple was so easy, because they can’t seem to stop smiling when they’re together! 

Living in Colorado, the weather could literally change in an instant. So when Paris and Gabe wanted their engagement photos taken in March, we were playing Russian roulette with the weather that day. But these two were game for anything.

Of course the morning started out sunny and beautiful, but by the time we met up, the wind came in strong, and we all braced ourselves for a chilly session off the lake. And while the wind might have given Paris’ hair some unexpected volume, we all laughed it off and created some really epic photos with the stunning, snow capped mountains in the background.  

With the two of them currently living in two different cities, spending time together was all that really mattered. I think they would have stood in the middle of a storm that day, just to be close to one another.

It’s no secret that we love to ask our couples to gush a little about each other, and these two did not disappoint.

When we asked Gabe what he loves most about Paris, he gave us an entire list! 

“More than anything in this world, I love: Her love for the Lord, Her beauty (inside and out), Her character, How much she loves her family, Her peaceful countenance, Her smile, Her laugh. And I love the thought of a lifetime together.”

Paris told us that she, “loves that his love for the Lord surpasses his love for anything else, including me. I love his leadership and how he always makes me feel safe, secure, and cherished. I love how fun he is and how much he loves my family and his. I love that he is wise and goofy at the same time. Every time I look at him I have complete peace in our future. He is a gift that is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of.”

They agreed that August 4th, 2022, will go down as one of their favorite dates. Gabe had just returned from traveling around Europe after graduating from USAFA. He took Paris to the Botanical Gardens in Denver where they walked around all the beautiful flowers, talking for hours. There was just something incredibly beautiful about so much of God’s creation in the middle of a big city!

Afterwards, Gabe had a reservation at one of Paris’ favorite places: Ted’s Montana Grill!

Throughout dinner they played games, laughed, and just talked about life. Towards the end of dinner Gabe began to share all the ways he had seen the Lord’s hand in their relationship. It was clear something was going on in his head…

When they got back to the car, Gabe turned it on and put it in reverse. But instead of driving away, he just sat there frozen for about 5-10 seconds! 

Finally, Gabe turned, looked her dead in the eyes and said, “Paris…I love you!” After a quick squeal and a kiss, she quickly told him that she’d loved him since the first time they prayed together. 

These two share the sweetest love, and it runs in the family! We had the honor of photographing Paris’ cousin’s wedding back in 2020. (And I think we all remember the craziness of 2020!) In spite of the cancellations and closings, Johnny and Annika’s wedding was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies we’ve ever witnessed. 

Jeremy even had an opportunity to play the piano at the end of their reception, and we had an absolute blast singing Christmas carols all night with this family! Their relationships with each other, along with their faith, truly mean everything to them. What an honor to continue to be part of the most important day of their lives.

We simply can’t get enough of these two! We truly can’t wait to celebrate Paris and Gabe’s wedding in beautiful Monument, Colorado!


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