Brooke + Zach’s Rosemary Beach Engagement


October 7, 2021

Traveling around the world for engagements and weddings has become one of the most thrilling parts of our work. So when Brooke and Zach, who are getting married in Colorado next year, needed to plan their engagement session with us, we couldn’t wait to meet up with them in Florida to make it happen.

Brooke and Zach met using the dating app Bumble and while on assignment for work in Tallahassee went on their first date. Shocked by the fact that this guy took her to an actual dinner, the date ended 5 hours later and within a month they were absolutely in love.

Surviving a long distance relationship, the two commuted between Florida and Oklahoma, till finally making Tallahassee their new home together. An important thing to note is the impressive number of animals that have found a home with them, 7 goats (each with adorable names I might add), 2 chickens, 3 dogs and 3 foster kittens, and I’m pretty sure there’s even more now.

This past May, Zach surprised Brooke with friends and family from all over forming a long line down to the water, each one handing Brooke a rose as she found her way to Zach at the end. The proposal was a total dream.

So now it was time to celebrate this engagement with some beautiful portraits, but with us in Colorado and them in Florida, we all looked at our busy schedules attempting to find a time that would work for us all to be in the same place at the same time.

As luck would have it, Jeremy and I had a trip planned for Florida to attend a Retreat, so we all quickly blocked out our calendars to make it happen.

We started our adventure in the heart of Rosemary Beach, strolling along the gorgeous cobblestone streets, trying to stay dry under the breathtaking European colonial architecture. You really feel like you’re stepping into another world with the cool ocean breeze and quaint town feel.

One of the most gorgeous buildings in the area is the hotel called The Pearl. Sitting on the corner, overlooking the water, this black and white building kept our couple sheltered from the pouring rain, while Jeremy and I held umbrellas over our heads, attempting to shoot one handed. We weren’t going to let a little rain get in the way of making some memories.

After a successful part one to our adventure, we hopped in the car and traveled along 30a to arrive at Eden Gardens State Park. No Adam and Eve jokes were spared, however the amount of rain dumping down on us had us reminiscing more about a certain arc.

Just up the coast hurricane Nicholas was hitting and the bands of rain were coming in strong. Fortunately for us this beautiful property had an elegant white mansion with beautiful wrap around porch for us to seek shelter. I know we were all a bit bummed that the storm was preventing us from enjoying the scenery like we’d hoped, but we didn’t let this rain on our parade (see what I did there).

We began shooting on the porch of of the historic Wesley Homestead, then put up our umbrellas and braved the rain to get under those incredibly moss draped oaks.

Soaked head to toe, we decided to embrace it all as Brooke and Zach danced in the rain, under the canopy of romantic trees. We sat back and watched these two with total joy, feeling like we’d stepped back in time to a Nicholas Sparks novel like The Notebook.

Still drenched, we did what anyone else would have done and found the nearest tacos we could find. I don’t think my clothes dried till we flew home to Colorado and I put them in the dryer. But every drop was worth it to spend an evening with these two.

We can’t wait to make more amazing memories at their Colorado wedding this March. Thank you Brooke and Zach for all the laughs and this amazing destination engagement. See you soon!

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