How I Avoided Burnout as a Wedding Photographer in 2023


August 16, 2023

Have you ever wanted to take a glimpse into the mind of a fellow photographer? What motivates them to do this work? What obstacles do they face on this amazing yet challenging career path? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Because today we’re pulling back the curtain and getting real about wedding photography, including the good, the challenging, and the less-than-glamorous bits that come with running a photography business.

Let’s face it: wedding photography burnout is real. It’s no secret that as much as we adore our craft and feel a passion for our calling, burnout is a genuine struggle. We’ve been there, felt it in our bones, and understand the uphill battle it can be. But guess what? We’ve unearthed a game-changing secret that’s brought us immense relief and given us our lives back.

The Post-Wedding Hustle

Just a year ago, we were living a very different reality. Jeremy and I absolutely love what we do, but we found ourselves working NON-STOP. We’re all about serving our clients to the fullest, and that means setting an ambitious goal of delivering wedding photos within a week. No more waiting, no more wondering – we wanted our couples to cherish their images while the wedding day magic was still fresh.

The last thing we wanted was to get a message in our inbox saying something like, “Hey, sorry to bug you, I just wanted to see if you had an idea of when we might see our wedding photos.” I cringe at the thought.

So what did that mean for us? From the moment we left a wedding, we knew we were going to face a long night of culling, sorting, and editing our favorite images. Our aim was to get a sneak peek out to the couple by the next day. This included writing catchy captions and laying out a beautiful reel to share on all the social media channels. But with up to 2000 images to sort through, we couldn’t always hit that goal, no matter how much we tried.

In addition, we knew we’d need to focus on creating a beautiful editorial blog post that not only captured the story of the day, but also featured vendor links and SEO on every photo. We love to celebrate our couples on the blog, but it’s a whole process, to say the least! 

Just as we finished up the workflow for the week, we found ourselves immediately diving into the next set of weddings with hardly any room to breathe! There may have even been moments where we seriously questioned our sanity.

In full transparency, we were completely exhausted. Family time with the kids dwindled, take-out was the new normal, and we were slowly destroying our health. It was all in the name of meeting a seemingly impossible deadline that – you guessed it – we ALL put on ourselves!

The Breaking Point

Months of endlessly sitting at a desk day and night finally took a toll on my health and well-being. The weekly chiropractic visits weren’t helping anymore. Finally, at the end of last year’s wedding season, I injured my back from…get this…sitting too much. The muscle in my hip was screaming and I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 months from the pain.

The stress of hitting self-imposed deadlines and not being able to work at my desk finally led to an endometriosis flare up and I was hospitalized after a massive cyst ruptured.

Enough was enough. Something had to change.

We researched ways to not only change our work environment (standing desks for the win!) but also how to maximize the time spent on all the tasks involved in our post-wedding workflow.

And guess what? We cracked the code! 

A Game-Changing Twist

We’re passionate about teaching photographers how to show up and serve their clients well on the wedding day. But we’re equally passionate about helping you live your best life while doing it!

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to use AI in your wedding photography business. By harnessing AI’s time-saving magic, you can streamline your workflow, boost profitability, and regain your peace of mind…and sanity! 

Learning about the AI tools available to us as photographers has absolutely changed our lives and transformed our business model, almost overnight! We found tools that could take a full day’s worth of culling images and slashed that time to 30 minutes, max.

We began the process of testing various AI editing tools and learned how to teach each of them our unique style. At first we were super hesitant. After all, we couldn’t imagine how AI could possibly replicate us. But we were SO wrong!  It doesn’t replicate or replace you – it works alongside you and mimics your editing choices.

Of course we walked through all the same questions and concerns you’re probably wrestling with right now! As photographers, we all tend to think about the same things: Does AI devalue my work? Can it really edit images the way I do? What will my clients think!?

Revamp Your Journey: Embrace AI

We found the answers to those questions and more, and they led us to an absolute gold mine. Our value skyrocketed!! I finally had time to actually finesse my editing style and even make space to grow in my skills as a photographer. And the best part? What was once a 30 hour post-wedding workflow easily transformed to a mere 10, cutting my work down by MORE than half!!

Implementing the AI tools available to us as photographers absolutely changed our lives and transformed our business model. Our 48 Hour Post Wedding Workflow with AI has given us time to grow our business, raise our prices, and savor family time. Now, it’s our turn to help you. 

We’re all about partnering with other photographers and videographers to build life-giving businesses and we would love to invite YOU to come alongside us. This industry is ever-changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with while you’re managing your business as is.  Let us join you in the adventure and be your trusty sidekick by sharing all the ways you can be working smarter and be fully present in this life.

Jump into our BGP Insiders Community and we’ll drop in your inbox weekly with FREE insights, education and inspiration you can actually USE!

We’ve walked the path and know the rewards. AI can revolutionize your business, granting you precious time and sanity. Say goodbye to burnout and embrace the future of wedding photography! 


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