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COLORADO Wedding Photography & VIDEOGRAPHY

Britni Girard photo + Film



Wow your clients, grow your business, and get your life back

the 48-hour post-wedding photography workflow with ai

Build a more efficient & more profitable business where you show up better for your clients and gain back time... all by using AI. We’ve done it, and we’ll show you how!

We wanted a quick turn around on our client galleries.

So from the moment we left the wedding, we were spending long nights culling, sorting, and editing our favorite few hundred images. Then came the beautiful editorial blog post, adding SEO to every photo, writing captions, laying out the perfect Reel to share on social media… not to mention the BTS. And that was just for the sneak peek!



life at this speed had to change.

it has.

and by leveraging the power of ai,

and you want your greatest asset as a business owner back: time.

you miss when photography was inspiring

question its ability to edit images skillfully and are concerned about how your clients will perceive it

You're worried that AI could undermine your value,

to make more profit but you’re swamped so intentional marketing is on the back burner

you need to bring on more clients

trying to edit and stay on top of it all, but you can’t even update your website because there’s no time

you're staying up all night

and you want to raise your prices but feel stuck trying to figure out your value

you're overbooked to make ends meet

with no free time to have dinner with friends or enjoy a vacation

You're exhausted, burned out, and bitter

this might sound familiar...

If you're anything like us,

leveraging the power of ai
and our value went up.

And Now we're showing you exactly

how we did it.

it doesn't have to be that way.

Instead of being underpriced, overbooked and backlogged with no hope of catching up… quick on your way to a major burnout, you could cut the time you’re working on a wedding in half. (Seriously!)

Master a 48-hour post-production workflow with the only course designed to teach wedding photographers how to use AI-powered tools to increase client satisfaction, grow your business, and get your life back.

4 payments of $114

1 payment of $397


You don’t have to do this alone! In our exclusive and private community for BGP students, you’ll find all the support you need to make the jump into integrating AI into your business.

Exclusive Online Community for BGP Education Students

Along with hands-on exercises and assignments throughout the course, you’ll have space to reflect on the emotional challenges you may face with AI adoption and develop strategies to overcome them


We don't just tell you how we've used AI, we show you how to use it in your own business! Covering everything from An Introduction to AI in the Wedding Industry and Culling & Editing with AI, to Leveraging AI for Business Growth (and more!) these modules include video tutorials and demonstrations for tools and apps that can be watched and rewatched at your own pace

6 Teaching Modules

Everything inside:

Come BTS with us on our post-wedding marketing workflow and discover the secret to attracting your idea client without killing yourself with Social Posts

Enhance client communication, streamline workflows and create a memorable client experience. We'll teach you how to Master AI writing tools for a more efficient workflow

Watch our exact post wedding process from beginning to end!  Learn to integrate these AI tools seamlessly into your own post-wedding workflow with strategies for optimizing your time while AI does the work

Get past the AI imposter syndrome, evaluate the pricing myths in our industry, and deliver the ultimate VIP experience with speed

Revolutionize your workflow while preserving your unique style! We'll break down editing workflows and share our best practices editing with AI apps

A step-by-step guide to culling with AI powered apps and tools, including our exact system for having an entire wedding organized and culled by the end of the wedding day!

let's break it down...

"Working with Britni and Jeremy over the years has made a profound impact in my business but also personal life. The experience and talent these two bring to the table is unlike anything I've experienced. They lead through big generous hearts and what they teach has results to back it up! They truly care about you, your mission and the outcome you're looking to achieve and that can be felt through everything they do."

- Ben and Kendra Farnese

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Wow your clients with professionally edited images faster than anyone while they are still on the high of the big day, serve them well, and maintain your artistic style

Create raving fans with vendors, by serving them with full galleries the week after the wedding, not 6 months later

Master repurposing that amazing blog into content for every platform without spending days writing captions or scripts - let AI do it for you!

Transform weeks of editing into just hours by creating an exact AI replica of your editing style in every scenario

Never get behind on blogging a wedding again! AI can determine which images are best and expedite a very Google-happy blog post that boosts your SEO

Say goodbye to examining every portrait to determine whose eyes are open or which one is best (even though they’re probably all the same)

Effortlessly deliver a same-day slideshow mid-party and nail a 24-hour sneak peek that your clients share and tag

Get HOURS of your day back, no longer needing to cull thousands of images


i'm in!

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.
We’ll show you every step of the way.


Researching led to discovering AI tools that could take a full day of culling and massively reduce that down to 20-30min so we began the process of testing various AI editing tools and teaching each of them our style.

We were super reluctant at first, feeling like there was no way an AI could replicate… well… us. But we were wrong. 

Almost overnight, our value went up. We had time to actually finesse our editing style and even make space to grow in our photography skills. And what was roughly a 30 hour post-wedding workflow, transformed to 10.  

Our 48 Hour Post-Wedding Workflow with AI has given us time to grow our business in other ways, raise our prices and get days in our week back to be with family.

"What will my clients think?"

"Can it really edit images the way I do?"

"Does AI devalue my work?"

We know what you're thinking.

"I was working on a wedding day blog post and what would normally take me a few hours to write up, edit, make sure it has keywords etc only took me 30 mins to complete using your guide. I was so excited I literally was jumping up and down. I couldn’t believe how easy and not so scary it was... I am so grateful, because it helps me get back time with my family."

- Brittani Chin,
Brittani Chin Photography

student love

We were putting our entire energy into delivering a wedding gallery to our clients within 1 week.

We realize a 1 week turn-around on a wedding day isn’t every photographer's goal. But for us, we didn’t want to do things like everyone else. So we did whatever it took to make it happen.

Until working round the clock began to take its toll on Britni’s health and well-being. The weekly chiropractic visits were no longer helping and at the end of the last wedding season, Britni had injured her back from... sitting too much. (Yes.) The stress from not hitting the deadlines and not being able to work at her desk landed her in the hospital. 

Things needed to change. Research led to AI which led to us trying out the tools available to us and almost overnight our lives changed and our business model transformed. A streamlined workflow meant we had time to get creative again, see our kids, and - get this - our value went up!

So here we are, ready to teach photographers how to show up and serve their clients well on the wedding day, and use AI to efficiently speed up their post-wedding workflow to 48 hours. You can build a more efficient & more profitable business where you show up better for your clients and gain back time... all by using AI. We’ve done it, and we’ll show you how!



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