Mountain Engagement by the Big Thompson River


June 9, 2023

Getting to know our BGP couples before the big day is absolutely crucial, and let me tell you, these two made it a breeze!  Bethany and Ryan’s summer engagement in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado was filled with laughter and fun, leaving us wishing they didn’t live out of state.  

While their love story had a unique beginning, these two could not be more perfect for each other! 

We all remember how challenging it was to socialize during the pandemic. So when we found out that Bethany and Ryan met during that super unique time, we couldn’t wait to tell their story! 

Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, fate brought Bethany and Ryan together through the virtual realm of a dating app.  Bethany was living in Chicago, and while stuck in quarantine, a friend created an account for her on Hinge. That turned out to be an excellent decision, because it led to Bethany meeting Ryan! 

The pandemic forced Bethany and Ryan to navigate their early days as a couple amidst restrictions and lockdowns.  So after dating for 6 months they experienced the simple pleasure of dining out together at a restaurant! It was a milestone they cherished, as it represented a glimmer of normalcy in an otherwise challenging time.  

Their relationship grew with the discovery of so many shared interests. With Bethany’s father being a contractor, she and Ryan discovered a shared passion for flipping homes.  As they tackled projects together, their love and admiration for one another grew stronger.  I don’t know about you, but when Jeremy and I took on house projects early in our marriage, we didn’t get along quite so swimmingly.  But for these two working side by side, they built not only houses but also a foundation of trust and unwavering support.  So… basically they already went through pre-marriage counseling.

One of their favorite dates was when Ryan surprised Bethany with a paint and sip experience! They were able to create together, but most importantly, it was such a fun way to relax and have fun. That was the first big surprise Ryan pulled off in their dating relationship, and he totally knocked it out of the park.

However, it definitely wouldn’t be the last surprise he pulled off! 

Ryan brought Bethany to Wash Park in Denver one evening before dinner. They went for a casual stroll, enjoying the scenery and spending time together. What she didn’t know was that Ryan planted family and friends all along their walking route. Ryan’s sister flew into town with her fiance, and Bethany’s sister even facetimed from Germany to be part of the big moment! 

As they continued walking, they kept running into everyone they knew until finally, Ryan pulled everyone off the path and gathered them together. There, he turned and asked Bethany to marry him. Surrounded by vibrant fall leaves and so many loved ones, it was the ultimate surprise. 

Bethany and Ryan will be getting married at her grandpa’s ranch in Yampa, CO. She grew up visiting this location, so it’s an incredibly sentimental place for the bride-to-be. In fact, Bethany’s sister and cousin each got married there as well! Now, it’s time for the third granddaughter to say her vows in this very special place.

Our team can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in the Rocky Mountains.  

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