Idaho Springs Engagement in the Mountains


June 16, 2023

It’s always a sweet surprise when we meet a couple that we feel an immediate connection with. After Lauren and Christian’s Blackstone Rivers engagement shoot, we were just over the moon about working with this amazing couple! Their story is dripping with romance…you won’t want to miss this one! 

We first met Lauren and Christian at the Brookside Gardens Wedding Expo, and had an AMAZING conversation with them. Jeremy and I even left that day talking about what a special couple they were and that we hoped we’d hear from them soon. Then, that same weekend, we ran into them again at the Sweet Heart Winery Wedding expo. Is this Kismet, Serendipity or some other overly romanticized encounter? Once again, we chatted with them, feeling strongly that God had brought them in our path for a reason.  

(Have I mentioned that Serendipity is in my top 10 list of favorite movies?)  

After our first interaction, Lauren told us that our shared love for Jesus and the way we spoke about marriage really resonated with them. They truly value interpersonal connections (same!) and really hoped to work with us. 

One of the things we chatted a lot with these two about was how Jeremy and I always want our couples to be present on their wedding day, and we do everything in our power to help make it happen. Apparently, that sentiment really spoke to Lauren and Christian, which was what made our connection so special. Being comfortable and confident with your photographer on your wedding day is everything! 

Lauren and Christian met in the summer of 2021 in Greeley, Colorado. They both discovered Country Kickup, a local non-profit country dancing group. Having just moved back from Seattle, Lauren was eager to find a dance community again. Meanwhile, Christian was looking for something new and fun to try, so he decided to learn how to country dance. 

Their paths crossed every Friday night as they were frequently paired up as dance partners during lessons. Conversation came easy, and they quickly became friends. Eventually they began going to the occasional dinner with friends after dancing, but it usually ended up being just the two of them left at the end of the night. Getting lost in conversation was not unusual, and it just drew them closer together in friendship. 

You’re probably wondering when all this friendship turned into more, right!? Lauren initially had no interest in Christian because she was on a dating fast, only seeing him as a friend. While Christian respected that, he decided to be patient and wait for God to open a door. He simply saw something in Lauren that he just couldn’t forget. 

Fast forward to Lauren’s first home purchase, complete with tons of updates and renovations to be done. Enter Christian: handyman extraordinaire! His construction background came in quite handy, and he was able to spend even more time with Lauren as they worked on her home.

On December 4th, 2021, Lauren hosted an open house. At the end of the evening, Christian decided to finally shoot his shot and ask her on a date. While Lauren still saw him as just a friend, she knew he had all the qualities she was looking for and always enjoyed being around him, so she said yes. It’s safe to say that date went pretty well, and it led to many more.

One of their favorites was when they got all dressed up and went to a speakeasy in downtown Greeley (now one of their very favorite spots!) After drinks, they stopped at Christian’s favorite Italian restaurant to grab dinner and ended up at one of his favorite parks. They had a good conversation going and just sat in the truck chatting about life and future dreams. Meanwhile, rain began to pour down, creating quite a romantic backdrop for their deep conversation.  

When the rain cleared, they headed to the park and Christian pulled out a blanket, lit some votives, and opened a bottle of wine to go with their Italian meal. With soft lighting in the park and leftover moisture dripping from the trees, it was the most beautiful setting for a perfect evening. 

God’s fingerprints have been a constant presence throughout their relationship. The gentle whispers of encouragement and affirmation are undeniable. Their engagement story is the perfect example! 

Christian wanted to recreate their 3rd date and took Lauren to Rocky Mountain National Park to snowshoe up to Dream Lake. As soon as they pulled into the parking lot, a blue jay landed on their car. Blue jays have long been a symbol of God’s presence for them, so this definitely felt like a God-wink. 

They began hiking and stopped for photos at a lookout when they spotted another blue jay hanging out in the trees. Finally, they made their way up to the same spot they hiked to a year before. They paused to take a few more pictures and as they did, a blue jay landed, hopping over to the rock where they were standing. 

Christian took that as God’s sign to propose right then and there! So he obediently got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. He looked at Lauren and said, “I want to build my life on the Rock, and I want to do it with you by my side. Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, Lauren exclaimed, “Absolutely!”

Their good friend Brooklyn snuck out from behind a tree at that moment. She had been photographing the entire event! Lauren and Christian celebrated with hugs and champagne while admiring the beautiful ring (which has a whole other incredible story behind it…stay tuned!)

Following the hike, they continued celebrating at Bird & Jim, a favorite restaurant. They enjoyed drinks and appetizers while being totally spoiled by the staff in honor of their engagement. The day ended with a surprise engagement party at Lauren’s house with all the friends and family who have supported them through their journey. They were able to share the details of the engagement while sitting around the fire, which is another special symbol in their relationship. 

When Christian officially asked Lauren to be his girlfriend, he was very clear about his intentions. He used the analogy of a fire, as it takes work to tend to and keep going, especially in different seasons and changing weather. But when properly tended, it provides warmth, light, and connection to those around it. 

The love between these two is simply beautiful.

We’ve only just begun sharing everything we love about this couple! Be sure to watch for Part 2 of their love story as we celebrate their beautiful marriage next month at Blackstone Rivers Ranch

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