Big Thompson River Engagement at Sunset


August 4, 2023

There’s just something so dreamy about the warmth of summer combined with the sparkle in the eyes of two people in love. We can’t say it enough…we seriously have the most amazing job! 

Shooting Katie and John’s Big Thompson River engagement session gave us an opportunity to get to know this charming couple, and trust me when I say they are just as sweet as they look! 

When we asked about one of their favorite dates, we immediately knew these two were going to be a dream to work with. Because not only did they share details about just one incredible date, they had a whole list of runners-up! 

We’re all about having a good time, and Katie and John seem to be pros at it. There’s so much adventure woven into their relationship. From a wine train through the Napa fields, to trips to Breckenridge and the Redwoods, they’ve already made some amazing memories together! 

But when they told us that one of their favorite things to do together is to go to restaurants and order so much food it doesn’t all fit on the table…we knew immediately that these are our people! 

We feel so lucky to have caught a small glimpse into their sweet relationship and love story. As we love to do, we asked them to share what they love most about each other. Here’s what they had to say: 

“Katie is so authentic and full of life, and she is going to be such an amazing mom. I love how caring, adventurous, thoughtful, loving, driven, aspirational, hilarious, intelligent, creative, fearless, honest, and radiant that she is. She gets along with anyone in any circumstance and is practically always laughing. I love that she loves God and pursues Him in her own way. I love how she loves me, and I love that I get to love her.”

“I love how caring (John) is towards me but also everybody else as well. He is incredibly kind and passionate with so much love to give, and he wants to help everybody he can. We can laugh about the smallest things and keep it going for hours. He also laughs at my jokes which is obviously a plus! I love that we share the same interests with health and wellness (he pushes me to be better everyday), family (we literally cannot wait to be married and start a family), and traveling). We have so much just being together. He is so hardworking and loving, and he would do absolutely anything for me. He is THE BEST!!!!”

Katie and John, we are counting the days til your wedding at Black Canyon Inn next summer! Thank you for spending time with us and inviting us along on your biggest adventure yet! 

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