Big Thompson Canyon Engagement in the Rain


June 28, 2023

We met up with Lauren and Chase in the Big Thompson Canyon near the river to capture some epic engagement photos. Thanks to the abundance of rain here in Colorado, the entire area was bursting with vibrant greens and everything was just so lush. As we’ve come to expect this wedding season, rain began to fall as we were shooting, but luckily we had our clear umbrellas and this awesome couple embraced the adventure! 

Like several of our BGP couples, Lauren and Chase met during the pandemic. Their dating relationship got off to a very interesting start to say the least! Their dates would include an appetizer, a bottle of wine, and just hanging out in the kitchen together making dinner. One of their favorite dates was when Chase made a delicious seafood meal, complete with crab legs. He was obviously trying to impress Lauren…and it worked! 

Some of the more “normal” parts of life have come to be the times when they’ve had the most fun together. Even something as simple as going to the drive-in theater and grabbing a bunch of snacks on the way has helped them create cherished memories and strengthened their bond as a couple. 

An engagement shoot in the great outdoors was very fitting for this adventure-loving couple. They love being active, including hiking, paddleboarding, and traveling. But one of their favorite activities as a couple is to go for walks and hikes with their two dogs. They’ve even created their own “walking loops” near their home. 

In fact, Chase incorporated this special activity when he planned to propose to Lauren. There’s a beautiful reservoir about a mile away from their house. They have come to really enjoy it as part of their longer walking loops. One evening, they walked down to the water and discovered the path was lined with beautiful changing leaves. 

As Lauren stopped to take pictures with the dogs, she turned to find Chase already starting to give his speech! Then he got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife, and of course she said yes! 

It’s so obvious these two are smitten with each other. We asked them to share a few things they love about each other and we seriously can’t stop smiling when we read what they had to say.

Chase said, “I love how smart, beautiful, and kind she is. Most of all, I love how caring and sweet she can be to anyone and everyone. She brings such joy to my life and I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with her. I love her passion for anything that she does. I love how she likes to travel, experiencing and trying new things. I also enjoy the down time we get together where we can just talk for hours about anything and everything. I love how she is always there for me through the ups and downs. She makes a pretty incredible dog mom as well.”

Lauren said, “In short, I love everything about Chase. His kind heart, his ability to get along with anyone, his level headedness, his ability to make me laugh. I love that he can keep me calm in times of worry. He listens to my stories, and he is almost always along for the ride with things I want to do. Chase is so incredibly sweet to our dogs, Champ and Gronk. He loves his family deeply, and he believes in God. Chase has a competitive spirit and enjoys living an active lifestyle. He’s my best friend!”
We can’t wait for their amazing fall wedding in Estes Park! Tucked inside Rocky Mountain National Park, Cheley Lodge and Grove will be the perfect venue for this nature-loving couple. It’ll be a day filled with romance, beauty, and unforgettable moments they’ll treasure forever!

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