Firework Proposals and Fall Mountain Engagement’s


July 3, 2024

As Megan and Jake prepare to say “I do” this week at The Barn at Raccoon Creek, we can’t help but reflect on their beautiful journey together. Their love story is one for the books, filled with serendipitous meetings, surprise proposals, and the kind of romance that makes us all believe in fairy tales.

The First Meeting

Megan and Jake’s story began at a casual hangout for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Jake, living with multiple basketball players, happened to be there. Little did they know that this casual encounter would spark a connection that would lead them to this very day. A few months later, their friendship blossomed into something more, and they embarked on their first date, setting the stage for a lifetime of love and adventure.

The Perfect Proposal

Megan recounts the engagement story with a sparkle in her eye. “Jake had me completely fooled,” she says. He had crafted an elaborate tale about the ring being resized and not ready for at least two weeks. Megan, upset at the thought of a delayed proposal, had no idea what Jake had up his sleeve. On July 4th, under the magical backdrop of fireworks, Jake got down on one knee on a rooftop, with both of their families present. The surprise didn’t end there; the next day, Jake pulled off another feat by organizing a surprise engagement party with all their friends. “I am blown away by all he did,” Megan says, still in awe of Jake’s dedication and love.

Engagement Session: A Stroll Through Fall

Their engagement session last fall was nothing short of enchanting. We ventured into the Rocky Mountains near Estes Park, with the Big Thompson River providing a picturesque backdrop. Megan and Jake took romantic strolls along the river, under a canopy of vibrant fall colors. The beauty of the season mirrored their blossoming love, creating memories and photos that they will cherish forever.

The Things They Love Most

When asked what he loves most about Megan, Jake’s answer is heartfelt. “I love how caring Megan is and that she would go out of her way to do anything for anyone else. She is the most selfless, Jesus-loving individual I know. She cares for me well and shows me the love that Jesus has for me.”

Megan’s response is equally touching. “Jake calms me in a way no one ever has. In every moment that I have been vulnerable, he has showered me with the love that I know Christ gives us. It has been a joy to have him love me the way Jesus does. He mellows me and reminds me to enjoy life and let Jesus take care of it all. He makes me laugh every day.”

A Favorite Date

One of their favorite dates took place during a family vacation to Pensacola Beach. On the last night, they went on a special date to a mini putt-putt place on the beach. Megan proudly recalls, “I beat Jake, best day ever!” It’s these small, joyful moments that have woven the fabric of their relationship, bringing them closer with each passing day.

The Wedding Day

And now, here we are, a year after that unforgettable engagement, ready to celebrate Megan and Jake’s wedding on July 5th at The Barn at Raccoon Creek. Their story is a testament to love, faith, and the beauty of shared life experiences. As they walk down the aisle, surrounded by friends and family, we wish them a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and unwavering love.

Stay tuned for the stunning images from their engagement session and wedding day, capturing the essence of their love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Colorado’s natural beauty. Cheers to Megan and Jake, a couple whose love story inspires us all!

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